Is the internet down? Get an alert every time it happens

And it is that the problems with the Internet connection can bring many users upside down. Either due to specific falls, or moments where, despite being connected, everything goes too slow. At the time that it is interrupted we are disconnected. This is something that we will notice if we are using the browser or another application that requires a permanent connection. However, there may be times when we are not using it and we stop being connected, so we may not even notice it.

That is why unless we are continuously aware of whether we are connected to the Internet, generally we are not aware that we do not have a network connection until we perform a certain task that requires it. This can cause us problems, with the consequent waste of time and information. To avoid this, and to know at all times the state of the network on our computer, we can be alerted by creating a visual or sound notification that will be issued when we are no longer connected to the Internet.

As Windows does not have by default to establish an alert notification when losing the connection, we must do this with a series of third-party applications that we will see below.

Shutter, task scheduler for Windows

It is a task scheduling software for Windows. This is going to be in charge of emitting an alarm at the moment that our PC loses the Internet connection. The program is in charge of continuously monitoring if we are connected to the Internet to generate an alarm the moment it is disconnect. This task scheduler also allows you to perform other types of actions when you lose the connection, such as running a certain program, suspending the computer, hibernating, etc.

Shutter has a portable version, so it will not be necessary to perform an installation on our computer to be able to run it. It is completely free and we can download it from the developer’s website.

Once we execute it, its main menu will appear from where we are going to perform the steps to configure an alarm so that the PC notifies us when it disconnects from the network. The first thing will be to add a new event to monitor. To do this, we will click on the button «+ Add».

Next, we are going to add a new event to monitor our Internet connection. This is something we can do by setting the app to constantly try ping a website. In the event that it cannot ping, then it deduces that we have become offline and will notify us. To do this, we select the “Ping Stops” option on the left side of the new window. Subsequently we enter any website that we want to ping, (for example, We must also specify how long after the alarm will be activated if a response is not received from the host, in the “Trigger when not responding for” section. Once finished we press the button «+ Add». This will add the event to your main panel to monitor it continuously.

Shutter add web to ping

Next, we need to specify what action should occur in case the connection fails. To do this we must create another action, so we click again on the button «+ Add» at the bottom of the screen. Subsequently, in the new window, click on «Alarm» and click on the «+ Add» button. Once this is done we already have the application configured to notify us with alerts every time the network goes down.

Shutter add new action

Internet Connection Notification, control the connection

We talk about another free software that is going to be in charge of launching an alert or notification at the moment that our computer loses the Internet connection. For this, it has a system that controls that we are connected from time to time, which ranges from 1 second to 5 minutes. After that period it will show us a visual notification in case there is a network outage. It also allows you to configure alerts that emit sounds, as well as record the status of our connection, saving all activity in a text file.

Internet Connection Notification can be downloaded for free from its developer’s website. Once the installation is complete, the software will begin to monitor whether we are connected to the Internet in the background. This will do it from the system tray and will notify us by means of a notification when our status changes from connected to disconnected or vice versa.

Internet Connection Notification check time interval

To set the time interval after which the program will check the status of the network, we must right-click on its icon located in the system tray. This will bring up a context menu. Here we go to the Interval section at the top. When we position ourselves on it, a menu will be displayed to the right, where we can select the time interval. This can be 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.

Internet Connection Notification Internet connection notification

In this way, every time that we have established the time passes, the application will check if we have an Internet connection. Later it will show us a notification with sound whether we are connected or disconnected.

NetSNSOR, receive alerts when network signal is lost

It is another free application that we can install and that will allow us to receive notifications or alerts when the computer loses the Internet connection. The software allows us to establish whether we want a WAW file or executable or sound to be executed the moment we are no longer connected. The time interval is fixed and the program will allow us to adjust it to establish how often we require the network to be checked. The moment it detects a loss of connection, it will emit a sound to inform us of the new situation.

NetSNSOR is a free program that we can download from the website of the program’s creators. It is a portable application so it will not be necessary to install the system, just unzip the RAR file that we downloaded and launch the executable. This will take us to its main interface, quite concise with few options, so the process is quite fast.

NetSNSOR add wav file and time interval

Now click on the “Enter Details” tab. Here, we can select specific files that will be executed when our computer disconnects from the Internet and the wav file we want it to play right then and there. We can also indicate how often we want the check to be carried out, expressed in minutes. Once selected, click on “Save!” for the changes to be saved. Finally, we click on the “Start” button to execute it and on “Background Mode” to minimize it, remaining active in the background. If we want to re-enter its interface, it will be enough to double click on its tray icon.

NetSNSOR main interface

Once this is done, in case there is a drop in our connection, this program will run the application that we have added and play a sound that will serve as an alert.

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