Is the metaverse a danger to humanity? Expert alert to his dark side

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, but not everyone is optimistic about the future that new technologies promise. One of the most cautious experts is Louis Rosenberg, the computer scientist who developed the first augmented reality system when he worked at the United States Air Force Research Laboratory, as he considers that the metaverse that raised Facebook a couple of weeks ago it will be more harmful than beneficial.

In an article, published by Big think, Louis warns of the potential dangers of this technology, considering that augmented reality will become the epicenter of all aspects of life, which, without regulation, could be lent to manipulate the sense of reality, reinforce differences that already divide us and imbue us more and more in an individual bubble.

“The augmented reality and the metaverse are media technologies that aim to present content in the most natural way possible, seamlessly integrating simulated images, sounds, and even feelings into our perception of the real world. Our environment will be filled with people, places, objects and activities that, in reality, do not exist and, nevertheless, will seem deeply authentic to us, “says the expert.

“Regulations would be needed for the metaverse”

Louis rosenberg considers that another alert on the metaverse would be the filters, since they would only serve to create divisions such as “alcoholic” or “immigrant”, “atheist” or “racist”, “democrat” or “republican”, which would only generate more division, polarization and anger among users.

“The rincreased quality it can be a force for good, to make the world a magical place and expand what it means to be human. But to protect ourselves against potential dangers, we must proceed with care and consideration, anticipating problems that could corrupt what should be edifying technology, “Rosenberg said.

The expert argues that although it is true that new technologies generate vulnerabilities in certain aspects, until now it is not something mandatory and you always have the option of turning off phones, tablets or computers, but something very different will happen with the Metaverse, since since the limits with the fictitious would be imperceptible and disconnecting could mean increased isolation.


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