Is the NVIDIA GTX 960 a good option to buy second hand?

The market is being regulated little by little, but the problem is that for a low-end GPU, manufacturers are going to ask for, at least, more than 200 euros. Given the savagery that this is going to represent for a new batch GPU, the old models take a lot of strength, since for less or the same price we could have a similar or higher power.

NVIDIA GTX 960, the great cover to play today

People always talk about the GTX 1650, the RX 580 or even the GTX 1650 SUPER as cheap alternatives, but very few talk about a GPU that is really interesting in terms of performance, price and consumption, like the GTX 960 was.

Currently this GPU is not in high demand due to the lack of popularity among users in the second-hand markets, so it can be a good bargain if we find it with decent care.

And we are talking about a GPU with architecture Maxwell a 28nm what did he get 1,024 shaders, 64 TMUs, 32 ROPs and 1 MB of L2all within a frequency of 1.127MHz for BaseClock and 1,178MHz for boost mode.

But the really important section is that of the VRAM memory, since here is all the key for this model, since the original from NVIDIA had 2GB of GDDR5 at 7Gbpswhich is not enough today for low-end graphics cards.

The indicated model is the GTX 960 4 GB version

The option to look for is GTX 960 4GBa model that barely had 10 more watts of consumption (130W) and that had the same characteristics as those named, only twice as much VRAM as is logical.

This graphics card in any of the models that were launched on the market is really interesting, because it is not far from the aforementioned competitors and is even above the GTX 1050 Ti and quite close to the AMD RX 6400, since the models that were released are overclocked, which boosts their performance out of the box.

GeForce GTX 960 CS:Go graphics card

The important thing is to find an interesting price model, since this should be on the 90 or 100 euros maximumso we’re talking about at least less than half the price of one of its rival cards for 1080p. You have to take into account the state of the graphics card, its cleanliness, the use that has been given to it, if it includes its box and accessories and the maintenance it has had with its previous owner to ask for the price that we have mentioned.

Currently, there are few models that manage similar values, users are still trying to take advantage of the cryptocurrency fever, but in certain forums they have been seen for less than 100 euros in a very interesting state, this being GTX 960 4GB an option to consider for 1080p in low.

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