Is the Vatican going to enter the metaverse? Suspicion makes you lose faith in it

Some days ago, The Vatican announced to be developing a nft gallery with manuscripts, paintings and other works, whose objective would be to “democratize art” and bring it to those people who cannot travel to the papal city. Many media have echoed the news without questioning anything, but the boys of VICE They have put their finger on the problem and, as they say, things are not looking good at all.

The Vatican metaverse shines by its opacity

A few days ago, the Vatican announced its jump to web 3.0 with a art gallery at Sensorium, an NFT platform that is used almost entirely by DJs like Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta or Steve Aoki. Apparently, everything would be a collaboration between the art gallery and Humanity 2.0, a company affiliated with Vatican City. This organization defines itself as “a public-private partnership aimed at expanding the availability of the Vatican’s heritage,” according to a press release that offered very few details about the project in question.

The journalists of VICE were interested in this release weeks ago, when all this information was still under embargo. On April 19, VICE contacted one of the Sensorium spokespeople to ask if the Vatican was really behind this project. He offered them information in advance and a Interview with Father Philip Larreythe priest who is apparently the president of Humanity 2.0.

After receiving the email address, journalists from VICE they contacted Larrey’s team. They introduced themselves and asked if the organization was really linked to the Vatican. However, they were rewarded with silence.

No one has managed to talk to Father Philip Larrey

humanity 2.0 philip larrey

A week later, the Sensorium spokesman sent them the press release that they subsequently used all the media to break the news, with an embargo until May 2. those of VICE they insisted on interviewing Philip Larrey. The spokesperson offered to do so in writing or by phone call.

After choosing the latter, the real problems began. The spokesman very kindly asked VICE what share the questions in advance so Father Philip could reply quickly. VICE He replied that they do not usually send the questions in advance, but they did offer to give a preview of the general topics of the interview. That’s when, in the blink of an eye, Father Philip Larrey’s schedule was filled. The answer was the following:

“We are very sorry, but Father Philip has just replied that he will not be available for two weeks.”

According to the media futuristic, there is no single medium in the planet who published the news and managed to talk to Father Larrey. For the same reason, the project has a rather cloudy tint. Is the Vatican really aware of this? Considering that most of the projects with NFTs today are scams, we would not be surprised if this was one more. If it is not, both the Larrey and Sensorium teams should rethink their communication strategy, because with the information we know at the moment, the project does not inspire any confidence.

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