Is the World Cup over and you still want soccer? Here you have Pro Soccer Online

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 is already part of the past. Argentina was champion and few objections can be made, so If you have that feeling that you need to continue watching or playing with something that smells like footballwe have decided to bring you a title for PC that you probably do not know and that has nothing to do with FIFA 23. There are even those who think that it is much more fun and real than the latest installment of Electronic Arts. Your name?, Pro Soccer Online.

Don’t be scared by the graphics

When we think of a soccer game our thoughts quickly go to a FIFA or a Pro Evolution Soccer (when the Konami franchise was important), because they are spectacular: large stadiums full of public and atmosphere, players who are replicas of real stars and of course kits, balls, boots and celebrations that are identical to those we see on television on weekends.

But in this case we are not going to convince you by the graphics or by that list of official names and brands that surround the planet of soccer, but instead we are going to opt for a much more essential experience, immersive, more connected with the authentic reasons that lead us to love this sport that is the most followed and practiced on the entire planet. And the result of that work is called Pro Soccer Online. What do you think it can offer us?

Pro Soccer Online arrived on Steam in November 2021 and since then it has not stopped growing. Right now it is among the games that are trending in the Valve store, which has increased its number of users the most, occupying the 11th position and reaching peaks of more than 2,000 players per day. So it’s not a surprise.

Realism and simulation above all else

What sets this game apart from any other is that we manage a single player inside the field that he will have to maintain his role within the position he plays in the team at all times. If it is a striker, then his task will be to score goals and be the first to press, while if you opt for a more wing-back and defensive profile, then you will try to emulate the feats of Jordi Alba or Carvajal by going up and down close to the line of lime

Besides, the game offers us two perspectives to play the match: in first or third person, running and cutting balls, giving passes or shooting on goal. Always accompanied by friends who will each handle the rest of the members of our team and the opposite. Surely, there is no more real experience if what you want is to live football from the very grass of the playing field.

As if that approach were not enough, Pro Soccer Online It is perfect in terms of physical dynamics of the ball, his rebounding or how he reacts to a strong shot, placed or with effect. That is its strong point and why it captivates us and pushes us to play more and more online matches in which there is no room for routines that always end in goals.

Pro Soccer Online you have it right now in format early access for a price of 8.19 euros so, you know, if you want to live a different football experience… forget about FIFA 23 and embrace this PC title.

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