Is there a post-credit scene in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?

The famous Marvel scenes

Marvel’s post-credit scenes are one of the most characteristic and well-known details of his filmography. In practically all of his films we always have an unexpected scene, just after the credits finish, in which we see either actors from the film that we have just enjoyed or even something completely new and unexpected with other characters or a different setting. The intention of these post-credits is usually to connect with future titles, leaving us an open topic so that we have more desire to see the next new movie.

The only film that did not have this type of scene was Avengers: Endgame And it is that, as already explained, this film was understood as the end of an era and the closing of a generation – be careful, not to be confused with the end of Phase 3 of the UCM -, which no longer had to connect with anything.

With the arrival of the Phase 4we all wonder if Black widow He would have it and Marvel did not disappoint: in it we moved to the present of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s sister, in front of the Avenger’s tomb, while the Countess revealed that Hawkeye was responsible for his death.

Will Shang-Chi follow the same pattern? As it turns out, yes, and not with one but with two post-credit scenes of which we have now known new details.

Two post-credit scenes for Shang-Chi

At the film’s world premiere just a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will feature no less than two post-credit scenes. It is not possible to know, of course, what the content of them is, but at least Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has wanted to give clues about the type of scene that we will enjoy.

The executive spoke to the media Comicbook, confessing during the interview that the ending of the film “gives a pretty clear direction” on how Shang-Chi finds her place in the MCU. He also points out that fans will come to mind the post-credit scene of Nick fury on Hombre de Hierro (2008), so a similar situation can be expected with Shang-Chi as the protagonist. In case you need to refresh your memory, we leave it below:

We imagine that this content is related to only one of the post-credit scenes while the other could have a connection to another film, perhaps the Eternals, whose film will be released in November? Bets are opened.

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