Is this character coming back from the dead?

But wasn’t this already dead?

Among the many deaths that we have seen in the third season of The Boys, one of the most prominent was that of BlackNoir. This is the most mysterious character of The Seven, a superhero who has always been rather in the background compared to his companions, but who in this last installment gained quite a bit of notoriety when it was discovered how his traumatic past was and that he was also involved in betrayal towards Soldier Boy.

After some of his biggest revelations, nobody expected us to say goodbye so soon, but the relentless i knew (nor us) did not count on the fact that he would also have to face Homelander/Patriot after this ask him if he had always known that Soldier Boy was his father. Black Noir was unable to lie to his “friend of his”, which ends with Homelander punching him in the stomach totally disappointed by the disloyalty of his masked companion.

Obviously after this scene, we all considered the superhero to have disappeared, however, some leaked images of the season 4 filming set have turned the entire internet upside down. The reason? what in them Black Noir appears againso that TheBoys is going to recover the character for the next installment.

Looks like Black Noir is back from the dead on the set of The Boys season 4

October 13, 2022 • 00:39

Will it be a Resurrection full-fledged (hey, the world of superheroes is like that) or we will have some flash back important related to the character that has required your presence again? Unfortunately we fear that there are still many months ahead until we find out. It’s time to arm yourself with patience.

A highly anticipated season 4

We could say that TheBoys has gone season after season outdoing herself. Its start was very impressive (especially for those who did not know comics) and almost from the beginning, the public decided to give it a chance, so that the first installment closed with almost 4 million viewers per episode. The second season helped consolidate its followers while continuing to show that it was possible to adapt the crazy occurrences of Garth Ennis to television and with its third installment they have been crowned becoming the most watched series on Amazon Prime Video and the second of streaming platforms (only behind stranger things).


And it is that his story has only gotten better with each episode, becoming more and more mature and entertaining if possible and showing that its creators are less and less ashamed (and afraid) of what the directors of amazon can say of their scenes.

With such a panorama, it is not surprising that the season 4 It is eagerly awaited and any clue, such as the possible return of Black Noir, drives us crazy. Can’t wait for its premiere. What do you want?

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