Is this the design of future PS5 Slim and Pro consoles?

Since the first PlayStation, it is normal that a few years after the launch, the console has a reduced-size Slim or Lite version where the popular video game console receives a new aesthetic design. Well, a concept model of the PS5 Slim has appeared, as well as the Pro model with improved specifications. Let’s see what they look like and their short-term viability.

At the moment PS5 is like Schrödinger’s cat, but instead of knowing if it is alive or dead we do not know if there are stocks in the market or not, it is to appear the current model in a store and suddenly disappear due to the fact that the demand It is much higher than the offer. In any case, the design of the new generation SONY console has flaws and is highly improvable, so we expect a PS5 Slim at one point.

Concept model of the PS5 Slim and Pro

We must clarify that the video that accompanies these lines corresponds to a concept created by the industrial engineer Jermaine Smit for the Let’s Go Digital medium, who has imagined how the two future variants of the fifth generation SONY console will be and, therefore , the PS5 Slim and the PS5 Pro and it has to be said that despite being an unofficial concept model of a product it is very well done.

As you can see, we have a design that does not break with aesthetic lines and maintains consistency in that regard with respect to the current model and its peripherals such as the DualSense. The first of the changes is in the fact that the front USB Type A port is replaced by a second USB Type C port for the PS5 Pro model, in order to charge two DualSense simultaneously.

On the other hand, the Slim model will maintain the same configuration as the current model and would not have a version with a reader, as seen by those who have imagined this concept, which we once again recall that not an official SONY announcement. Both concepts have versions in black and white like the current model and another totally in black, in any case said conceptual model is far from the classic science fiction concepts, which are usually very beautiful for impractical at the same time.

PS5 has the worst design of the new generation

Analyzing the PCB of the SONY console it is clear that its design could be much better. Since there is a considerable distance between the console APU and its RAM which to top it off is on the reverse side and does not receive direct cooling from the heatsink. We have put accompanying the images the photograph of the PCB of an AMD RX 6800 that also uses 16 GB GDDR6 and a much closer distance so that you can see that it is possible to narrow the distance between the RAM of the console and the APU without worrying about consumption .

Another point is in the integrated SSD, which is soldered to the board and we believe that it should be like the one in the Xbox Series where it should be integrated into a separate PCB for easy replacement in case it breaks and its corresponding repair. In addition, there is a great distance also on the board between the APU and the NVMe SSD.

In any case, if you are PlayStation fans or have one, we must clarify that this is not to say that Xbox is better, but that the current model has room for improvement to create a slim model even with few changes in the circuitry.

We don’t think there is a PS5 Pro

AMD FSR IA patent

We already talked about this in an article a few weeks ago, but the argument is as follows: PS4 Pro was a commercial fiasco that accounted for less than 20% of PS4 sales. The other reason is that the Japanese company usually maintains the cost of the processors of its consoles and because the price per square millimeter in the wafer has risen gradually since 2013, it has been seen how the APU of each new model has been decreasing.

On the other hand, we have the appearance of algorithms that, through specialized hardware for deep learning and specific algorithms, allow images to be reconstructed at higher resolution in a very fleeting way. At the cost and energy efficiency level, a PS5 with an NVIDIA DLSS-style algorithm implemented in a PS5 Slim for very low cost would involve changes that would not even reach 5% of the processor circuitry and would give us higher performance. What’s more, AMD has a patent for an FSR-like algorithm with Tensor-type drives.

In closing, where we disagree a lot is about the future of the Blu-Ray drive in future PS5 iterations. As the manufacturers of this format go down and the demand goes down, its cost rises gradually. Today the games have to be installed yes or yes and the physical distribution is dying little by little. At the moment the NVMe memory used by PS5 is TLC, but we suppose that we will see a future model with QLC, which will increase the storage capacity.

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