Is this the secret map of Warzone 2.0?

Activision already presented a long time ago what would be the new map for the new war zone 2. As we knew, the new battle royale will take us to Al-Mazrah, the metropolitan area in the rural outskirts of the Republic of Adal where many of the events of the Modern Warfare II campaign take place. But it seems that this will not be the only map that we will have available.

The Hidden Map of Souls

Everything comes from a map that has been seen in the game’s campaign. on the mission the nameless, we will be able to visit a room in which a mysterious map is left that could be a new Warzone 2.0 map. To find it, we will only have to go to the room where Diego is, who is the person who has the access card to be able to go up to the terrace.

Once inside the room, on the table in the center we will see a large map that shows the region of Las Almasand whose distribution reminds us very much of any of the maps that Warzone has had in recent years.

Warzone The Souls

Is it coming to Warzone?

The square format of the map, the scale and the distribution of its orography it irremediably makes us think that we are facing a Warzone map. It is impossible not to see a battle royale map in the image, so we are probably looking at an Easter Egg from a future update that will arrive later.

We must bear in mind that in the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare II there is a map called Mercado de Las Almas that could perfectly be included in a battle royale based on the area, since geographically it would not make sense to include it in Al Mazrah.

For that reason, we believe that the Las Almas map has a good chance of existing, and a little bit like this that they have included in the campaign fits very well within the romance and lore that the developers usually include in future updates of the free mode. from Call of Duty.

For now, Al Mazrah

Warzone Observatory

But before we start with the theories and assumptions, let’s focus on what we have. The Al Mazrah map is, for now, the only official map coming to Warzone 2.0. It is made up of 18 key points of interest among which we will find an observatory, an airport, a quarry, a refinery and many more areas that will leave thousands of nooks and crannies in which to find resources, where you can hide from ambushes and where many stories will surely unfold who will join us in the coming months.

Warzone Al Mazrah

At the moment we still don’t know the exact release date of Warzone 2.0, so in the meantime we have no choice but to play multiplayer and learn about many of the maps that will be included in Warzone, since these will be reused to be included in the huge map of the Battle Royale. Later you can create private games to train with your friends and not end up kissing the ground so quickly. Everything in its time.

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