Is WinZip a good backup application?

The care of everything that we store in the disk drives is something that we have taken into account for many years. That is precisely why many developers of this software put at our disposal projects specially indicated for it. Serve as an example of what we are talking about, the WinZip Suite that we can use today.

Apart from all the components that are part of our computer such as the CPUs wave RAMdisk drives are key hardware elements. Here we store the operating system that is a basic part of the PC, the applications that we install, and all the personal data. Therefore, in the event that, for whatever reason, we have a problem with these disks, we can lose everything that we have accumulated over months or years.

We can find a physical error of the component, a serious system failure operational, or simply an external attack. Hence precisely the importance of the so-called Backups of which we have spoken so many times. Despite the fact that for many users these security elements are somewhat annoying, later on it is very possible that we will end up thanking them. In addition, the only slightly more boring task is the initial configuration of the programs that they offer us. backup services.

And it is that from there most of these solutions work in an automated way making a backup of the specified data alone. Obviously here it is recommended to use external storage units or the cloud. It must be said that the aforementioned file compressor suite, WinZip, offers us its own solution of this type.

What does the WinZip backup feature offer me?

Surely many of you have known this program for years, since it focuses on the compression and decompression of files of all kinds. Over time it has been growing exponentially and adding new features to the project. In fact, right now we can find a powerful suite with various utilities that will help us on a day-to-day basis with the PC. Keep in mind that we are even going to find some optimization features of Windows.

Here we are going to focus on a very interesting function that precisely allows us to make backup copies of everything we want. The truth is that it is a very interesting decision thanks to the synchronization What can we do with this function and others integrated in the suite.

It is worth mentioning in the first place that WinZip here allows us to fully configure the copy that we are going to make. In addition, in an additional way, we have the possibility of making use, how could it be otherwise, of the integrated compression feature.

Obviously this will allow us to save a good amount of backup space that we carry out in the system. And that’s not all, since the suite itself offers us up to 50 gigabytes of remote cloud storage space. This means that we will have the possibility of making backup copies, compressed, directly in that remote storage service, all automatically. Therefore, we could say that WinZip is an excellent alternative to protect our data based on backup copies.

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