Is Xiaomi worth more than Apple? This says a recent report

Xiaomi is already close to the top 1 of sales

Xiaomi is undoubtedly taking the current market by storm when it comes to technology. This is what has emerged from a recent report published by the consulting firm GFK and to which Vozpópuli has had access. This shows how the Chinese company has had a 85% growth in mobile phone sales placing itself in a second position in the world ranking. Samsung is still in first place, which has also experienced a 21% growth in sales, and Apple remains in third place with a growth of 22%. None of these sales has seen how it has decreased but it undoubtedly highlights the growth that Xiaomi is having, which has surpassed Apple in this ranking.

But obviously you should never stay in sales. Although many people have highlighted this advance in sales, we must go a little further. If you look at the value of each of the companies, you can clearly see how Apple surpasses Xiaomi. You just have to do a Google search for the value of the stock market to see that Apple was the first company to exceeded the value of 1 trillion dollars. This is something that Xiaomi is quite far from with its business model.

Can Xiaomi and Apple really compete?

Both companies market a wide variety of mobile devices, but there are really many differences between them. The quality of the product and especially the range it sells means that there is a real gulf between the two companies. Xiaomi is very focused on a wider audience than you are interested in not spending too much money on mobile telephony. That is why it has a large number of devices at a very low price. This is not the case with Apple, which is very focused on high-end iPhones with prices that are not really cheap. This makes them companies that cannot compete as such.

It is clear that Xiaomi is going to have more sales and greater user growth, because there are many people who are going to want to do with a mobile device at a reduced price. But the big question we ask ourselves is whether both companies are worth the same. Obviously this does not happen since in the end the purchasing power of the users who buy for each of the companies is different. In the case of Apple, you can find users who are more committed to technology and also with greater spending capacity. Since

In addition, it should also be noted that since the founding of Apple, the company is focused on very few devices, while Xiaomi has a wide set of numerous categories. From rice cookers to vacuum cleaners is what can be found in a Xiaomi store and obviously this generates much more income. To this is also added that the iPhone continue to be the best-selling devices on the market. But since there are few models that there are obviously it cannot ‘sweep away’ all the devices as a whole of the competition.

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