Is your Mac not working with Safari? Here you have the solution

What would we do without Safari? Apple’s native browser works amazingly on our Mac, in addition to incorporating fundamental aspects such as privacy and security, low consumption, and good synchronization with the rest of the Apple devices. However, strange as it may seem, it can happen mistakes that prevent you from using it on your Mac. In this entry, we are going to indicate how solve this problem.

It could be a problem with your Mac or Safari

Apple makes annual investments to make Safari the default browser for all Mac users, due to its privacy policy. updates regular, tackling security problems or bugs that may occur in advance. However, this application is not infallible, so it can report the occasional problem to users, like safari closes itself, safari does not respond or safari does not open and that we will see how to solve it next.

Fast solutions

One of the most recurring problems with Safari closing itself has a lot to do with the features of your Mac and the advantages that you have open. In the same way that it closes applications when you submit it to many graphic load or performance, the same thing can happen to Safari if you have many tabs open and especially if one of them requires a lot of computing resources. RAM as is Sketchfhab.

In this case, the best option is to close all tabI know we have open Safari. In the event that you cannot close Safari because the application is completely blocked, we can click on the application and click on Force closing.

Clear website data

safari on mac

Whenever you visit a new site in Safari, Safari stores it in the cache to load faster next time. Cache and cookies can cause long-term that your Mac will slow down Therefore, it is always good that every few months, clean up all the residual information that Apple’s native search engine stores. For delete cache, you have to go to Safari and from preferences, select the Advanced option and press the Show Development menu option. Next, in Development memory, press the option to Empty caches.

You can also remove the cookies Safari via Safari Preferences and click Manage Website Data. Then click on delete all cookies.

safari 15 for mac

Another reason that can cause Safari to crash is extensions And if it receives updates, it can cause errors that end up affecting the entire system. To do this, from Safari preferenceclick on extensions and uncheck those extensions that you do not use or that have not been supported for a long time.

Finally, you can also test if there is Safari updates to see if they include bug fixes. Keeping your equipment up to date can prevent you from many problems, even if the improvements are minimal, especially in your browser, which can be the entry point for any malware.

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