Is your PC eligible for NVIDIA GeForce Experience features?

One of the world’s leading graphics manufacturers such as NVIDIA, not only focuses its efforts on providing us with the best hardware products. In parallel, it works to get the most out of these thanks to its own software. Here we can highlight the tool called GeForce ExperienceAnd it will be familiar to many of you.

How could it be otherwise when we acquire and install a product from this firm, or from any other, on our PC, we download or add the corresponding drivers. The best we can do in this regard is to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer on the computer. In this way we achieve the component that we just added to the team works in the best way in the operating system. To say that this is something common in most of the components that we install on our computer, including those of NVIDIA.

But a manufacturer of graphic components as important as this one, wanted to go a step further in this regard. Therefore, for some time now, along with these drivers that are installed automatically on the computer, we have found another tool. this is the call NVIDIA GeForce Experience whose main objective is to optimize the performance of applications and games. Initially, the application itself configured the games that we had installed on the computer depending on the available hardware.

Based on updates, this process, used by many, was extended to applications that used the GPU. Therefore, those users who did not have too much knowledge could enjoy and optimize the operation of this software thanks to the aforementioned application.

See if your PC supports NVIDIA GeForce Experience features

But at the same time, once we have NVIDIA GeForce Experience running, inside we see that we have many other additional functions. How could it be otherwise, they are related to graphic work and the apps and games that we have in the team. We can take advantage of all these sometimes directly from the tool, or externally.

Obviously, all these features that we are talking about belong to the NVIDIA firm itself, but our team will not always be compatible with them. We must bear in mind that the application itself that we have described allows us to verify the compatibility of our PC with these graphic features. To carry out these checks that we are commenting on, the first thing we do is click on the gear-shaped icon located in the upper right corner of the program.

At that moment, in the right panel of the interface we find a list called Functions that precisely shows us the features available in this tool. Obviously all of them are related to the use of our signature graphic. First of all, we see the so-called Optimization of games and applications, which we could say is the main one. But at the same time we find others like GameStream, Whisper Mode, Battery BoostVirtual reality and more.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

From here we can activate or deactivate them, but also check their compatibility directly from NVIDIA GeForce Experience. It is worth mentioning that for this we only have to display the list of located in each of these functions and that is to the right of the box. This way we will see first hand the requirements for each role and if these are fulfilled by our computer, otherwise they will not work.

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