Is your PC screen dirty? So you can clean it without spending more

Of course, and although in this article we are going to focus on the monitor or monitors of a PC, it is perfectly extensive to any type of screen, be it the TV, the laptop screen, or even you tablet or smartphone. After all, a screen is a screen and it does not matter if it is integrated into a PC monitor, laptop or any other device, since with modern technology they all use practically the same technologies and the damages that they can suffer are always for the same reasons.

Do I need any special materials to clean the monitor?

Clean monitor microfiber cloth

Actually, you will not need anything that you do not already have in your home, although obviously there are specific products to make cleaning easier and / or to last longer clean. You will need a microfiber cloth like the one you can see in the image above, obviously clean, and it would also be advisable to have a small container with warm water and a little detergent dishwasher (we’ll show you how to do it shortly).

The ideal would be to have isopropyl alcohol, since this type of product is ideal for cleaning electronic devices because it does not erode the surface (unlike the sanitary alcohol that you should never use to clean the monitor) and, in addition, it disinfects it even better than any soap. In any case, this is optional and then we are going to tell you how you should use these materials, but what we do tell you is that never use rubbing alcohol, duster (Pronto, Cerdar, etc.) or vinegar, since although in the first instance you may not see that anything has been damaged, in the long run the acidity of these products does end up corroding the surface of the screen.

How to clean the screen of your monitor, laptop or TV

Dirty screen

The screen of your monitor may not seem too dirty, but if you look at it against the light it is quite likely that you will see spots, splashes and dust, since it is inevitable that this will happen with use (and let’s not talk anymore if you are one of those who touch the screen with your finger to point something). So, the first recommendation before starting is that logically turn off and disconnect from the current the monitor to avoid accidents, and that you position yourself so that you see the screen against the light to better see the spots.

We recommend starting with the base, back, and bezels of the display before cleaning the display itself. Pour some warm water into a container and add a couple of drops (no more) of dishwasher (Fairy, Mistol, etc.). Put the microfiber cloth in the container to get it wet and then wring it very, very well, so that it remains damp but not wet, that does not leak in any way. This is very important because otherwise you could damage the monitor.

Now with the damp cloth, completely clean the base, the back and the frames of the monitor; don’t be afraid to rub a little if necessary, but always gently and not too tight. Once the entire exterior is clean, put the cloth back into the container and give it a good shake so the dirt comes off and stays in the liquid. Then, drain it as much as possible again because now comes the part where you will have to clean the screen.

For the screen the process is similar but a little different: do not rub and don’t squeezeSimply place the cloth on top and wipe it always in the same direction, that is, always, for example, from left to right or from top to bottom. Do it carefully and, we repeat, loosely to avoid damaging the screen. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until, looking at the screen against the light, you see that it is already clean.


It is quite likely that when doing this process, somewhere on the screen some dirt will stick to the frame, and this is the objective of always wiping the cloth in the same direction. Now, wring the cloth again so that it is clean again, spread it completely and go back through the area where the accumulated dirt has been, using a finger to reach the most inaccessible areas. If necessary, use the corner of the rag for this.

If instead of using a container with warm soapy water you have isopropyl alcohol on hand, the process is similar, but simply pour a little of the product directly onto the cloth carefully so as not to flood it (remember that it must be damp, not wet) and perform the same process.

Tips to keep your screen clean for longer

Touch clear screen

That your monitor screen gets dirty with use and the passage of time is inevitable, but there are a number of things you can do to try to keep it clean as long as possible.

To begin with, and unless the screen is touch, avoid touching the screen surface with your fingers, because even if you have just washed your hands, human skin always has a “greasy” that will stick to the screen. This already leaves the screen dirty, but it is also that the dust that may be in the environment will stick in these areas more easily than on the screen itself.

On the other hand, avoid placing the PC monitor in environments that are too humid (near the kitchen, the bathroom, or near windows) since the humidity also favors the dust from the environment to stick. In addition, with respect to the window, it is inevitable that dirt from the street enters through it and therefore much of it will be deposited on the monitor. On the other hand, if you are going to spend some time without using the monitor, we advise you to cover it with a sheet or similar to prevent dust from settling on it.

Finally, we advise you to always avoid direct sunlight shining on the screen, both because it is bad for your visual health and because this can damage the screen.

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