Is your Xbox Series slow to boot up? Now it will do it faster

One of the key features of the new Xbox Series X and Series S is that it is extremely fast. The use of the new ultra-fast memories and the architecture of the consoles allow for ridiculous loading times, greatly improving the gaming experience compared to the previous generation. However, haven’t you noticed that the console boot is somewhat slow? Don’t worry, there is already a solution.

Does Xbox start up slow?

The Xbox startup animation lets us enjoy a very sound animation where the Xbox logo appears from a black background to reflect that majesty that the Xbox Series X especially gives. But leaving aside the surprising startup, the truth is that the ceremony takes too long.

The logo usually stays on the screen for several seconds until the main menu of the console appears, so the end result is not exactly the fastest generation of consoles in history. While it’s something you quickly forget about and probably won’t experience again until you experience a power outage (if you have fast boot enabled), Microsoft knew this wasn’t up to the task.

shortening the animation

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Well, the solution could not have been simpler. With the idea of ​​improving the experience and shortening that waiting time, Microsoft has decided to shorten the startup animation to reduce the playback time by 5 seconds, thus obtaining a much shorter startup time and reaching the main menu much sooner.

The result is practically negligible in the animation effect itself, but very noticeable in the global calculation, since we will arrive at the main menu no less than 5 seconds earlier. In principle, the fix does not seem to affect anything with the system boot process (at the file level), so simply and simply we are talking about a shorter video. That easy.

This has been seen thanks to the images shared by TheVergewhere we can see that the new animation is exactly 5 seconds shorter and that the system menu appears much earlier than expected.

When will I have the new boot?

As is normal in these Xbox news, for now only the testers that are part of the Microsoft test ring, a test program that gradually releases updates so that some users can test the functions that will arrive soon with the idea of ​​offering feedback and find possible errors.

What you should keep in mind is that, as we mentioned before, the boot animation only appears when the console starts a full power-up from a full power-off. This means that if you have fast startup (where the console always goes to sleep) set, you will not see this new shortened animation unless you turn off the console completely. The quick start always leaves the current state of the console in memory and takes care of starting it as soon as possible so that you can continue with the game as soon as possible, however, there is a continuous energy consumption that allows the console to be kept working at all times (at rest, but consuming).

The power saving mode on the other hand, turns off the console completely every time you tell it to, so that when you turn it on it always does it from its off state and starts the Xbox logo animation on each occasion. What mode do you usually use in your case?

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