Isn’t it time to switch PSUs? This Seasonic Prime is on sale!

This is one of those products that once you buy it, you can forget about changing it in a few good years. It does not matter which GPU you put in your PC next year, or the next, no matter what CPU you have in your sights, you can buy it with complete peace of mind, that with a PSU like this you will not have problems.

Seasonic Prime GX-850: buy, connect and enjoy

We are very heavy with the mantra that you have heard us say thousands of times: in power supply and motherboard, no expense is spared. If you can stretch the budget, do it in these components for obvious reasons, and it is not that more expensive is better per se, but that the capacities and options are usually greater. It is also true that you can jump the range for a few euros more, and that expense is going to be worth it as it happens now with this power supply.

We are talking about a model within the new Prime range that boasts 850 watts, thereby carrying performance for any current component and gaming PC.


Seasonic is one of the most prestigious manufacturers in power supplies to the point that it has models that it resells to other brands and even manufactures custom PSUs for them to put on the market with their brand and logos.

Therefore, we are talking about a manufacturer that in this Prime range integrates a new technology called Micro Tolerance Load Regulation, which manages to keep the three main voltages for the motherboard and GPU at regulation levels below the 0.5% between peaks. Logically this achieves unrivaled component stability, worthy of an ultra premium range source from other manufacturers.

Hybrid and fully modular fan control


The fan that integrates this Seasonic Prime GX-850 Gold It has a high-performance FBD bearing to achieve the lowest possible noise, which is controlled in its rotation by a premium hybrid technology that is always active and allows a dynamic range that goes from 0% load while keeping the fan stopped. up to 100% source charge with just 20 dBA loudness.

As a good premium power supply, it has a totally modular design without cables, being able to install the ones we need without obstructing the ventilation design of the chassis. As you may have noticed, we are talking about a GOLD certified source and logically allows magnificent efficiency, even with multiple GPUs.


One of the most striking details is that it has its gold-plated connectors, which guarantees the best current transmission and the minimum loss of energy in it. All this makes it possible for Seasonic to be so sure of its product that it offers 12 year warranty. As for its price, it was at 189.72 euros, but after this offer and falling by 9% now we can buy it for 171.80 euros.

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