Israel allocates 30 million dollars to develop its own quantum computer

Israel is moving steadily toward becoming a quantum computing powerhouse. This week, the Israel Innovation Authority announced that it will spend $29 million to build what will be an innovative quantum computing research center. The objective is, moreover, create a quantum computer that lays the foundations for the future of this technology.

The project will be carried out thanks to the invaluable help of the Israeli startup created in 2018, Quantum Machines. It has already built Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP), a hardware and software solution that aims to operate quantum systems that facilitate research and enable future advances. But the contribution of this startup does not end here since it has also developed the QUA. It is a standard universal language for quantum computers that helps researchers and scientists to write programs for various quantum computers with unified code.

Quantum Machines, which already provides quantum computing services in different countries and to a growing community of multinationals, laboratories and institutions, has partnered with the Toyota car company to create future quantum capabilities and thus offer them access to the most innovative quantum technologies.

As far as the new R&D center is concerned, it forms part of what is known as Israel’s $390 million National Quantum Initiative and that it was created in 2018 with a specific objective: to facilitate quantum research, develop human capital in this field, promote industrial projects and strengthen ties with the international R&D community.

Last February, the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Defense already announced that it plans to award an expenditure of about 62 million dollars to develop a state quantum computer and with it, lay the foundations of Israeli computational capacity in the sector.

Israel wants to lead quantum computing

Israel continues to advance on the path of quantum innovation and the plans on this do not stop. In fact, the DDR&D, that is to say, the Department of Defense Research and Development of the Ministry of Defense, will soon announce a tender with the aim of financing the development of quantum technologies for military use.

“The open architecture approach that Quantum Machines and our leading global partners in the consortium enable will ensure compatibility with future quantum technologies,” said Quantum Machines co-founder and CEO Itamar Sivan. He has also anticipated that another of the key points will be allow the core quantum computer to scale from tens of qubits to hundreds and thousands of qubits in the next few years, “Our goal is to give Israeli companies access to the most advanced quantum technologies and services so that they can develop deep quantum expertise in industry and academia. This experience will enable Israeli companies in a wide range of sectors and industries to gain a leading global position.”

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