It burst the telecommuting bubble and with it the sales of laptops

The end of last year was, to say the least, atypical, given that a year ago we still went out wearing a mask and it was considered that we were still in a pandemic period. How has it affected the change in social habits and, therefore, consumption? Specifically, we will talk about the sales at the end of 2022 that there were in terms of computers And they are not exactly positive.

It is no secret to anyone that the containment measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced many users to telework and purchase computer equipment, thus creating a bubble in the world of hardware that moved resources towards the manufacture of Low-performance computers for office and educational use. Once normality has returned, sales have been established until they return to pre-pandemic levels. And what is worse, since demand from the future was transported to a present that has already become a past tense, sales have obviously been affected.

A disastrous end to 2022 in computer sales

Despite the fact that the enthusiasm for the technology does not cease, the number of computer systems that have been sold has turned out to be lower than expected, especially due to the effects of global inflation on the economy and the panic on the part of users to a recession. What slows down the purchase and if we add to that that many users renewed their computer equipment in the pandemic for various reasons, then we have the recipe for a disaster.

Well, according to an IDC market report, year-on-year for the last quarter of the year, 30% fewer computers have been sold with Dell, which has received a 37% impact in terms of sales volume, but being HP the most affected with a loss of 25% of its market share. Both companies specialize primarily in business equipment, which is why they once benefited from telecommuting policies around the world.

But how is the glass really?

If we use our heads a bit, it is more than clear that computer manufacturers knew that the upturn in sales due to the pandemic was not going to be eternal and that it was going to have its negative counterpart, which they are now suffering in their own flesh. The problem comes when the assemblers act as if these periods were eternal and end up catching their fingers.

glass half full empty

It is curious how the glass half empty looks, when outside of specific areas, there has been no more demand for computers during the pandemic. The reason? They already used them on a daily basis, either for leisure or for work and, therefore, there has not been a theft of demand from the past to the present. That is, have fewer computers been sold? Yes, but the markets that spend the most per user continue and have not been affected.

Another different thing is the economic situation in which we find ourselves, which does affect it, but what is very clear is that the drop in sales at the end of 2022 has shown that there was not only a bubble, but also another one that was running at the same time. Now it is only necessary to wait for the market to readjust as it has happened many other times.

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