It costs €35 and performs like a Noctua, but what is this heatsink?

Having a good heatsink to keep the temperature of your processor at bay is crucial in all PCs, without exception, but when we talk about high-performance processors, the heat generated can really become a problem and that is where when you must make a certain investment in a proper heatsink. Of course, when we enter this area, you most likely already have to go for a AIO liquid cooling or a top of the range air heatsink that go above €100… or not? ID-Cooling has just unveiled its new FROZN A620a heatsink capable of handling up to 260W TDP and that has a ridiculous price for the features it offers (on par with the best Noctua), so let’s take a look.

ID-Cooling has just unveiled its new FROZN A620, a heatsink in the shape of a double tower and double fan in the Noctua NH-D15 style that, according to the manufacturer, is capable of dissipating up to 260W, a figure that is already quite attractive. and even impressive, but what is truly impressive is its price…

A “Noctua killer” heatsink for 35 Euros

We always talk about Noctua as a reference for high quality and performance heatsinks, but what is true is that it is also one of the manufacturers that sells the most expensive (for example, an NH-D15 costs between 110 and 120 Euros depending on the store), so talking about a cooler that plays in the same league in terms of performance but costs a third as much is certainly good news, right?

In the area of ​​technical specifications, the FROZN A620 from ID-Cooling is a heatsink with a double tower design, which means that it has two blocks of aluminum sheets interconnected in the contact area with the IHS of the processor using heat pipes. , six in this case. The contact area is made of nickel-plated copper that makes direct contact with the IHS, and according to the manufacturer it has been die-cut with a high-precision CNC process to ensure the best contact. In total it has 108 aluminum fins and, again according to the manufacturer, it is capable of dissipating up to 260W of heat in total.

The heatsink is compatible with all modern Intel and AMD sockets, and is supplied with a proprietary thermal paste (Frost X25 is called) with a conductivity of 10.5 W/mk, which is nothing but nothing. evil. This FROZN A620 comes with two 120mm fans designed to offer high airflow with a low noise level. They are controlled by PWM and can operate at a speed between 500 and 2,000 RPM, producing a maximum of 29.85 dBA of noise and offering an airflow of 78.25 CFM.

As for its dimensions, it measures 120 x 140 x 154 mm, and offers 40 mm of space on the outside and 65 mm on the outside, so it should not cause problems when used together with RAM with medium heatsinks.

As for the price, the ID-Cooling FROZN A620 has been initially unveiled in China at a price of 259 RMB, which translates to about $35. Going by the precedents, this means that when it arrives in Europe its price should be about 35 Euros, although of course, if we compare it with a Noctua heatsink that costs more than €100 or even with the DeepCool AK620 that costs about 70 Euros, we are likely to see it at a slightly inflated price for higher profits.

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