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For a few weeks, at Tpnet we have been offering you different technological documents with which to implement a good teleworking strategy in your organization, develop a professional career in the cloud world or train you to overcome the main obstacles that partners find when it comes to become an MSP.

Below is a selection of the “IT Documents” that we have published so far and as always, we encourage you to download the most interesting ones for your business or professional career free of charge.

How to build your career in the cloud

Developing your professional career in the world of the cloud not only allows you to access a market where there is full employment, but you can also find some of the best paid positions in the technology sector. Where to start? And what do you have to know to enter this field?

This is what we propose in our new MCPRO Document «Cloud Computing: how to develop your professional career in the cloud», an ebook that you cannot miss. Download it here!

Technology for teleworking: VPN, VDI or DaaS?

After two years of restrictions and remote work, if there is one thing that companies are clear about, it is that teleworking is here to stay. And yet, launching a telecommuting strategy is not possible if the organization does not have the appropriate technology.

This is the starting point «Technology for teleworking» a new MCPRO Document in which we talk about three of the technologies most used by companies that want to offer their employees the possibility of teleworking: VPN, VDI and DaaS. If you want to be up to date in the development of hybrid work in your company, Do not miss it! Download it here!

What do you need to be an MSP?

It is not easy to compete in the technological market. It is not easy to go from selling cables “by the kilo” to building an offer based on solutions and services. It is not easy to become a service provider (MSP), although it is the highest demand from manufacturers, customers and the industry.

And yet, the growing demand for new services and an increasingly popular pay-per-use consumption model is calling for many companies to want to adapt their way of working to this model.

in our document “What do you need to be an MSP. Essential requirements to be a successful service provider» with which we seek to establish the main keys to become this figure so demanded by all. Do not miss it! Download it here!

Do you know how you can save in your business?

Electricity and gas bills do not stop growing, diesel has surpassed gasoline prices, labor and materials that your business needs are becoming more expensive… have you ever considered that all this is not worth it? the penalty?, that you can not anymore?

In this TI White Paper, we focus on business savings and their relationship to sustainability, and how both reduce many bills, primarily energy bills. If you want to reduce costs in your company, this document interests you. Do not miss it! Download it here!

Contact Center: the key technology for customer service

The customer experience is one of the key axes in the digitization of any company. An almost obligatory path for any organization that wants contact with its clients to be fluid, transparent and efficient.

To do this, the Contact Center becomes a basic space from which to manage this entire relationship. But what technologies should be applied at this point? What are the most important features they should have? We encourage you to discover it in «Contact Center: keys to understand what technology to offer» seeks to be a special that brings together all the sections to take into account when digitizing a customer service center with the best guarantees. . Do not miss it! Download it here!

From remote work to hybrid work: How to implement a successful strategy in 10 steps

Forced teleworking during the pandemic brought technology to its maximum splendor, being a fundamental piece for companies to continue operating. Now, with the perspective of time, we can assess other options with which to adapt to the new normality and demands of the workers.

Hybrid work models have prevailed in this new era in which IT partners will have to lead the way for a change that cannot be reversed. in the ebook «From telework to hybrid work: How to implement a successful strategy in 10 steps»We analyze how to implement this strategy successfully. Do not miss it! Download it here!

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