It does not seem that the M3 Pro chip in the new Macs is much faster than its predecessor

Apple M3 processor

As you already know, the new M3 chips are already on the market. And soon, next week, we will be able to start seeing their real results because shipments will begin for all those lucky ones who have reserved a Mac unit with these new brains. At the moment, with the test units that some have, the results of the tests to which they are being subjected indicate to us, for example, that the new M3 Pro chip is not much faster than the M2 Pro.

Only 6% faster than the M3 Pro in the most demanding tasks

Although we do not yet have the new Macs with the new M3 chips on the market or in stores, tests are being carried out on them. Many lucky people who already own a test unit are carrying out their own measurements to find out how good the new brain of the new Mac is. New Macs to say the least, because You already know that the only new things are found inside.

The fact is that a speed measurement test has been carried out on this new M3 Pro chip. The results have not been as spectacular as expected. In fact it is not much faster than its predecessor and that is a bit scary. It’s scary because when a new chip is launched, It is expected to be higher but in a loose way. Not by a hair’s breadth, because that way it is likely that you will not be interested in purchasing that new terminal.

It must be taken into account that the measurement that has been carried out is not official. It has been carried out by Geekbench 6 and discovered by Vadim Yuryev, co-host of the YouTube channel Max Tech. The test has been carried out on Apple’s M3 Pro with a 12-core CPU. The result is that it offers only marginally faster CPU performance compared to the M2 Pro chip with a 12-core CPU. Again I say again that This is a single reference result. We have to continue testing, but things are already pointing out ways. Bad manners.

The result shows that the M3 Pro has a single-core score of 3,035 and a multi-core score of 15,173. If these scores are accurate, the M3 Pro is up to 14% faster than the M2 Pro in terms of single-core performance. But only up to 6% faster in terms of multi-core performance for the most demanding tasks and workflows.

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