It doesn’t matter what PC you have, so you can move GTA V without problems

The Rockstar game has been around for several years now and is still one of the most played titles. However, if you have a very modest team, you may be afraid to run the most popular sandbox in history on your PC. Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you what you can do so you can move freely through the streets of Los Santos without any limitations from your modest PC. That is why we are going to tell you how to optimize gta v

One of the keys to the popularity of certain games is that not everyone has a PC to play with the latest processor or graphics card and we know that there are many users with a computer with very modest specifications. At the same time, we know that GTA V, due to the amount of content it includes and the freedom it gives, is an excellent game to enjoy both in its campaign and in its popular online role-playing mode with friends. That is why we are going to give you a series of parameters so that the game works like silk for you.

How to optimize GTA V for PC

The game has a benchmarking tool that will help you measure if your computer is ready to run the game. To do this, go to the graphic options of the game and press the tabulator key, with this you will be able to see how the game will perform with the graphic options that you have at that moment. The only counterpart? The fact that you must pass the bank robbery introduction mission to be able to do it.

Optimize GTA V graphic options

If the result obtained is not adequate, you can still make cuts in the graphic quality to optimize GTA V in order to achieve an acceptable frame rate per second.

  • Reduce the number and variety of people and cars on stage if necessary.
  • Lower the quality of textures and shadows, as well as lighting, details, and reflections.
  • Turn off the anisotropic filter or lower its quality level.
  • It is recommended to play at a stable 60 FPS rate, however, if your PC cannot, then moving the game beyond 30 FPS can be considered an acceptable sacrifice. In any case, try to lower the resolution if necessary and all of the above does not work.

Use the secret configuration file

Every game usually has the ability to add new graphic options that go beyond what we see in the graphic options menu and that can give us greater speed or graphic quality. So if what explained in the previous section is not enough for you, follow the steps below to optimize GTA V.

  1. To access it, look for the game installation folder. If you haven’t changed the destination folder or added a new one, it’s usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam either C:Program Files (x86)Steam
  2. Inside the Grand Theft Auto V folder look for a file called Commanline.txt, right click and duplicate the file.
  3. Right-click on the copy again, open with and select Notepad or another text editor, avoid using a word processor such as Word or similar. This will allow you to modify the file without damaging the original, when you want the game to use a file for the configuration or another you will only have to change the name.
  4. You can add a series of additional parameters, each one on a different line, which are the following:
    • -HDR: disable HDR.
    • -disableHyperthreading: Reduces the amount of cores used to move the game, use it if your CPU is 4 cores without SMT or HyperThreading.
    • -adapter: If you have a laptop with a dedicated graphics and an integrated one, the game may not detect it well.
      • If you type -adapter 0 the game will use the one built into the processor.
      • If you type -adapter 1 instead then you will use the dedicated graphics card, which is always more powerful and preferable. you use adapter.
      • You can accompany it with the command -ignoreDifferentVideoCard so that the game completely ignores the other graphics adapter.
    • -FrameQueueLimit 0 either FrameQueueLimit -1 they are related to the size of the screen list when generating the frame, one allows more elements than another and therefore will make the CPU spend more time adding details to calculate. Use the one that suits you best.

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