It had to happen: they create a mod to play on Stray with a dog

stray It’s only been a week between us and It has become one of the games of the year, with its main cat, which, in reality, is not so much since all the plot weight falls on that robot that controls everything. But it doesn’t matter, one of many Popular Fronts of Dog Owners that are scattered around the world have already wanted to dethrone the pussycat to put one of their own through a mod that you can download and install right now.

Goodbye cat, hello dog!

as we say, stray is getting that both the new PlayStation Plus Essential and Premium (where you have it for free) and Steam, are living days with access records thanks to a game starring a cat. It is about the adventure in a kind of world without humans, but with robots, of a little kitty who must help fight some terrible enemies that have spread to countless areas around the planet.

A title that is liked and that So far, it has only found one gamer collective against it: that of dog lovers. The wound caused by BlueTwelve Studio must have been so deep that they have not been slow to react to devise, develop and make available to the entire community a mod that transforms the protagonist of the game. And although it leaves him with the same four legs of the original title, he modifies everything else so that we see on screen the sweet walk of an endearing puppy.

The name of this mod says it all, Happy Puppywho will be the protagonist from that moment of such a radical change in the game that we are impatient to try, since we do not know very well if, true to reality, the modder Chris Rubino has also added to the new character the inability of dogs to fall, unlike cats, always standing up. what he would turn stray with this mod in a much more complicated title.

The first of many?

It is evident that, once the door has been opened to being able to play with a dog in stray, it is already possible to see any other creature that you can imagine (Garfield?), so it will be a matter of time before someone wants to grab a few headlines to viralize their creation with the strangest creatures. In the case of this Happy Puppy we are faced with a file of just 2.2 MB that can be downloaded from right here and that you only have to click on the executable so that it does everything else by itself.

However, keep in mind that the mod is still in the process of minor adjustments because in just 24 hours we have had two different versions, 1.0 and 1.01, which has corrected small bugs of the previous one. So if you decide to continue the game with the dog instead of the original cat from strayremember to improve the mod so that any error does not destroy the game when you reach the final part.

Anyway, whether you like dogs or cats, remember to check out stray because it is a game that, beyond the controversies about the species or race of the protagonist, deserves to be enjoyed.

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