It is impossible for you to recognize this Marvel actor in his new role

There are numerous examples like Charlize Theron in the movie Monsterfor which he won the Oscar, or actors who have specialized in interpreting this type of role such as Doug Jones, who gave life to the leading beast in The Pan’s Labyrinth, or the amphibian man in The Shape of Water. Another very recent example of an actor who has carried out this process of complete transformation has been Colin Farrell, who, to bring the Penguin to life in the batman had to resorting to prostheses that made him practically unrecognizable.

Although if we are talking about being unrecognizable, this Marvel actor may take the jackpot. Do you know Sebastian Stan?

a chameleon actor

Marvel star Sebastian Stan, whom you will remember for giving life to Bucky Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier), the closest friend to Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) within the series and movies of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) , shared on his Instagram a few days ago an image of his character in his next movie. In this photograph it is possible to see a person with a large number of facial malformations. A figure very different from that of the movie heartthrob that the actor has accustomed us to.

This transformation of the interpreter has been carried out for the new project of the independent film production company A24, A Different Man. In this film, Sebastian Stan will play Edward, a fugitive from justice who, after undergoing complex facial surgery, becomes obsessed with the leading actor in a film that recounted his past.

In the cast, in addition to Sebastian Stan, we find other actors and actresses like Renate Reinsve, Adam Pearson, Neal Davidson or Juney Smith. Directed by Aaron Schimberg, author of other projects such as Chained for Life, Go Down Death either Late Spring: Regrets for Our Youth.

It’s not the first time

However, this is not the first time that Sebastian Stan has had to undergo a prosthetic process for a role. Although less severe, the actor had to wear a series of prosthetics to play Tommy Lee within the Hulu original series Pam & Tommy.

Although he himself has confessed in an interview that the most radical change he had to experience was learning to play the drums. During an interview with ET he confessed that “since I don’t play drums, I don’t play any instrument. […] so, throwing myself in there and learning from scratch was pretty scary”.

And you? Are you looking forward to seeing the new Sebastian Stan movie?

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