it is making a comeback in the store

Out of stock for several months, the Apple cloth has just made its comeback on the brand’s official store.

The product could seem trivial, a simple cloth capable of cleaning all Apple screens to perfection and without leaving a trace ensures the Apple brand (no information is given for screens from other brands). Behind this apparently candid little product actually hides one of the most skilfully orchestrated communications blows by the apple brand.

What could be better when your name is Apple, and you want to be talked about, than to do what you know how to do best? Thus, last November during the last keynote of the year, the Cupertino company unveiled a “one more thing” at the heart of a conference designed exclusively, or almost, for Apple computers, in particular New generation Macbook Pro, with M1Pro and M1Max chip.

A cloth that causes scandal

In the midst of these products, all more technological than the others, Apple surprises, and offers a “wipe” (that’s its official name). A very basic product, but the firm’s stroke of genius is not in its design, or even its shape. The product is the most commonplace, there is only one thing that shocks: the price.

As is often the case, Apple is pushing the prices up. A trend that allows the brand to appear as a “luxury” product although it is accessible to the vast majority of the population. The cloth is therefore no exception to the rule, the small piece of fabric from Apple will be sold at $ 19 each. A heresy across the Atlantic which seizes France the day after when we learn that the price on the territory will be 25 € (because of taxes, European prices are always higher than American prices). 25 € for a piece of rag that can easily be replaced by the sleeve of his sweater, everyone is shouting scandal.

A product that sells despite everything

Apple, for its part, is savoring it. Everyone is talking about a product that the firm sells a fortune (thus making a substantial margin as we imagine), and secondly, after the whole world is offended by such a proposal to sale, the Apple cloth is removed from the brand’s sales site.

The Cupertino company would have understood his mistake? Not in the least, the product just happens to be out of stock, and Apple has no choice but to halt sales. After several months of difficult production and an early effervescence like Apple rarely experienced, the wipe has just returned this morning on the official Apple store.

During this period of shortage, several voices were raised against the Apple, affirming that the latter had no or very little stock, causing itself to be out of stock. As is often the case with Apple, it will probably never be possible to know how this affair unfolded behind the scenes, but one thing is certain: everyone has been talking about the Apple rag.

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