It is not your iPhone. Apple Music is crashing for this reason

Where do these new Apple Music glitches come from?

Many users have contacted La Manzana Mordida in order to report problems with Apple’s music service and ask us for help to solve them. Some of these complaints can also be found in various specialized forums. And although it has not been officially confirmed, everything indicates that the recent changes introduced in Apple Music could be the culprit that many users around the world are having trouble playing songs, either because they are cut at a certain time or because they cannot even open them directly.

apple music hi-fi

More than a month ago, the Californian company introduced changes to the platform adding compatibility with Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio and other features that make the entire catalog of songs consist of a higher quality sound and even have the option of lossless playback quality. The fact that those changes are reaching the entire huge catalog of songs is what could be causing problems. Let’s not forget that similar problems were experienced recently with the Apple Podcast when the subscription podcasts announced at Apple’s April event were introduced.

What can you do to fix it?

If indeed this problem is related to what was previously commented, there is little you could do because it is Apple’s own servers that have the fault. In fact, its solution would be for the company to fix the flaws from there without having to update the application or the operating system that is being used to open it. And a proof of this is that the problems are not only occurring in the latest official versions, but also in betas such as those of iOS 14.7 or iOS 15. And it doesn’t just stay on the iPhone, as similar problems are occurring on iPad, Mac, and Apple TV as well.

Apple Music

In this case, patience is the only solution, as strange and exasperating as it may sound, since there is little you can do if the failure resides in the servers, having to wait for Apple itself to fix it. Now, if you want to rule out that it is a problem with your device, we recommend that you restart the device, check its internet connection, delete and reinstall the Music app and even carry out tests from other computers to see if this way you can make the playback return to be good.

It remains to be seen if Apple finally releases a statement in this regard and even if it makes any promotion or reimbursement to affected users, since in the end it is a service for which users are paying and yet many are not being able to enjoy it.

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