It is now official that Apple will soon launch new iPhone and iPad

Beyond rumours, leaks and reports from various sources close to Apple, there are some indications that are even more reliable and suggest that the company is about to launch something. And it is that, according to what has been known in these last hours, the firm directed by Tim Cook has registered new iPhone and iPad in the EEC, it is a clear prelude that soon we will have announcements.

The EEC, an acronym for the European Economic Community, requires companies like Apple to register the electronic devices it launches well in advance. And while it is true that this does not mean that the launch should be imminent, it will be a matter of months. Therefore, and here yes joining it to the rumours, in March or April A special company event could be held to introduce them.

It will not be an iPhone 14, but it will be an ‘SE’

If you are not aware of the latest rumors, you may believe that Apple has already registered the iPhone 14. Nothing is further from the truth, since these are still scheduled for the month of September as usual. The records in the EEC would correspond to the already rumored iPhone SE 3rd generation.

The records indicate three “different” iPhones with the references A2595, A2783 and A2784. And we put in quotes what is different because it would not be three different devices, but only one in its different storage capacities. Based on what we have already seen with the rest of the range, they could be referring to the 128, 256 and 512 GB versions of the iPhone SE.

It should be noted that, although this has not been confirmed, everything indicates that this will be a transition model. is expected to be almost identical to current model, only with the addition of an A15 Bionic chip and 5G technology. At the design level, although new colors are not ruled out, we would also find many similarities with the 2nd generation ‘SE’, which is already based on a design similar to that of the iPhone 8.

iPad Air or iPad Pro?

iPad registrations bear the references A2588, A2696, A2759, A2437, A2589, A2591, A2757, A2761, A2766, and A2777. And while it is true that unlike the iPhone we find more records, it could still correspond to a single range of iPad. Specifically to the 5th generation ‘Air’. And it is that in the case of tablets, not only each version with a storage capacity is registered, but also the WiFi + Cellular versions.

It is expected that this spring we will also see the new iPad Pro, but they do not seem to be the ones in this registry because there would be two models, so at least twice as many references would have been found. And while it is true that the iPad Air revamp was aiming to launch at the end of the year, in recent weeks the rumor that it would be launched this spring has gained strength.

ipad pro 2020

For this we would find some Specifications similar to the latest iPad mini, which in turn already looks a lot like the 4th generation iPad Air. We would therefore have a tablet identical in size to the current one, only with 5G technology and an A15 Bionic chip.

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