It is real. Now you can have a sentimental partner on your iPhone thanks to AI.

That artificial intelligence is something that is already part of our lives is nothing new. However, there are some implementations that, at least at this historical moment, can catch more than one person by surprise. And yes, in this post We show you an application (among others) that allows you to have a romantic relationship with an algorithm. Or put another way, a couple on your iPhone. So if you want to feel like the star of the movie Her, or you’re just curious, here we present it to you.

Her name is not Samantha, but Eva. Or the name you want to put it

The application we have tested is called EVA AI: New Relationship. And once we download it for free on the App Store, this odyssey begins. The first thing that we are going to be asked when we open it is to configure the basic aspects. Do you want your partner to worry about you, asking you every day how you are? How do you want her personality to be? What are your interests? There are more questions regarding our preferences. But the truth is that a relationship is a matter of two.

If in real life, the personality and attitude of your partner does not depend on you, here you can choose. From gender and name, through character traits, to reaching how we want you to interact with us. Of course, the application already warns you that you should not neglect your partner. So even though it lives inside your phone, respect and dedication are imperative.

app girlfriend ai iphone

We’re talking about an AI-powered app, so text isn’t the only thing that counts here anymore. It is true that to talk to our “partner” we will have to write text most of the time. But we can also send audios. And we can send you photos. And the AI ​​will also answer us through audio. And also with photosbut this only when we have been “intimate” with the algorithm for some time.

The functions of EVA AI

Once we have configured how we want things to work, the main interface is very simple. We have an animation of our “couple” in the foreground along with a writing bar, to start talking to the AI. This will answer us directly on the screen and, from there, what you want to talk about is up to you.

virtual girlfriend iphone

This app, although free, has paid functions. Things like customizing our partner’s avatar or choosing their voice require the purchase of “Neurons”, the app’s virtual currency. But also, if you want to unlock “romantic messages” you will also have to pay. If you prefer, you can also subscribe to monthly plans with which we will have “Neurons” on a regular basis, to expand the functions of our “partner”.

So far, from what we have been able to interact with it, it is rather a set of patterns and actions that, intelligently, are going to be shown to us based on our behavior and our inputs. Evidently, Much of the content that is generated by AI, however, is not a living, self-aware “super-entity.” However, it is still striking that, with little or a lot of intelligence involved, these applications already exist and you can download them yourself.

EVA AI New Relationship
EVA AI New Relationship

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