It is the best controller for Xbox Series X and you can buy it on sale right now

There are players who dream of making the leap to professionalism and they look like players of one scenes of eSports capable of competing around the world in the best clubs that exist. In the end, It is a very well paid activitywith recognition in social networks and platforms in streaming and a good springboard for, later, living from his passion for many years. So tools like this Xbox Elite Wireless Controller have become essential.

A great controller for Xbox

And the truth is that a good command can be decisive when it comes to making a difference between a victory or a defeat. A pixel that inadvertently moves the peephole and that enemy that we had within range will escape us and then treacherously eliminate us and make us lose the round point. Or in a FIFAhow to put a price on the precision of a good pass or a shot through the squad that makes us champions?

It is obvious that much of the merit of being so good depends on our ability, but a controller like this Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core Edition can do a lot since it not only allows us to manage each movement within the game more effectively, but it has been designed to suffer all kinds of calamities and continue to function as if nothing had happened. Its materials and design help it always perform at its best.

The point is that this second generation of the official command of Microsoft for your Xbox (and PC), you have it on sale on Amazon and instead of the almost 130 euros that it has been costing you can get it for just over 100. Specifically 102.86, in what is an offer that you have for limited time available and could end at any time.

Xvox Wireless ELite Series 2.

What does this new command bring?

It was last November when Microsoft launched this second version of its Elite controller and that unlike the first, something more downloaded of extras arrived at the stores. Although the materials with which it is built remain, as well as the robustness of its handling and the perfect grip that it enjoys, some accessories remained as alternative options to be purchased only by those who really need them.

If we want to get hold of everything, it is necessary to acquire the call Complete Component Pack where already included are the charging bases, the cable (so necessary for Pro gamers, since it does not produce lag), the cams to install on the back, the sticks of different heights, the crosshead of the D-pad with classic design, etc. Of course, everything that has to do with the customization profiles per game is available in this model that Amazon offers on its website for a limited time.

Thus, Microsoft no longer forces you to have to acquire the entire set and players can choose a somewhat cheaper alternative to, later and if they want to go deeper into the specialization, get all the package already complete.

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