it is very easy to save on Amazon with these tricks

Among these we can highlight both the wide availability of all kinds of products, as well as the adjusted prices that it offers us. amazon on many occasions. That is precisely why users from all over the world turn to this e-commerce giant for a large part of their purchases. In addition, it makes its Prime modality available to us in order to save us shipping costs and offer us a series of company-specific services.

For example, it is worth noting the storage service of photos or the platform streaming video To enjoy movies and series. But despite these tight prices that we are talking about, we can also use some tricks to save even more. Next, we will talk about some movements that you can carry out in order to save a few euros on your purchases at Amazon.

Create wish lists

In the event that you want to save on this huge platform such as Amazon, we must bear in mind that patience is a key element. We tell you this because you must bear in mind that the product prices exposed here can vary in a matter of minutes or days. This means that the price of a certain item sold here can go up or down at any time. Therefore, the most recommended in these cases is to create personal wish lists and add what we are interested in buying.

If we have a little patience, these cost variations that we comment on many times will benefit us. In fact, the online store itself specifies the percentage drop in price that this object has suffered since we added it to our wish list. If we are patient and wait, in most cases we will save a good amount of euros on our purchases.

Use price comparison websites

We have already told you that the cost variation of certain products on Amazon can vary significantly. Once we know all this, it is also interesting to know that there are certain websites that show us a detailed history of the price that a certain product has had over the last few years. As you can imagine, this will help us to get an idea of ​​how that price can vary with respect to the one shown at this precise moment. That way we’ll know if it’s more expensive or cheaper than usual.

amazon prices

Perhaps the website with these best-known features is CamelCamelCamel. At first, here we only have to enter the corresponding URL of the store and the product that interests us to see some useful graphics. Here we will see the increases and decreases in price of that element in recent years, both sold by amazon as well as by other third-party vendors.

Do multiple searches

Keep in mind that, although the platform is from Amazon, here we can also find a wide variety of sellers. Therefore, if we are interested in a certain product, in order to save a few euros the best we can do is search for the same one several times. Thus, proposals from different sellers will appear with their consequent price variations. Obviously this will allow us to choose the lowest cost or the one that most interests us in each case.

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