It seems that Apple does not need anyone to make the Apple Car

From time to time, rumors about the Apple Car come back to the fore for some related news that has emerged. On this occasion, the rumor that strikes again is about the company’s ability to create the Apple Car by itself. Without needing any specific manufacturer such as Hyundai, BMW or Ford. It seems that the company is self-sufficient and capable of devising, designing, manufacturing and selling its largest and most complex device of all.

The recent rumors that arise again, affirm that Apple is more than qualified to devise, manufacture and sell its most risky project. The Apple Car. Although we have recently seen the loss of a very important figure for the future of this project, Doug Field, it seems that there are hundreds of engineers trained to continue the work in an effective way and with guarantees of success.

Therefore, as published in the Maeil Economic Daily, Apple is developing its electric vehicle independently without the help of another automaker and is currently selecting suppliers for the final parts. This is in line with a previous Reuters report, which explains that Apple has had its own research and development unit for automotive hardware since 2014. But two years later they focused on Software, abandoning the physical part.

However. No found a company that was able to meet the demands and deadlines of the American company. So in the end, Apple has chosen to follow the path and comply with the saying: “I cook it, I eat it.”

Apple has now gone through the process of submitting a Request for Information (RFI). A Request for Proposal (RFP) and a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to global auto parts manufacturers. This is understood as a sign that Apple is selecting companies to outsource the production of the necessary parts.

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