It seems that macOS Monterey will manage the Safari tabs as before

A few news from last Monday at Apple’s presentation of the new devices that can now be reserved. Among them, the new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches that would be nothing without the operating system. It is more than likely that when it arrives you will have to update it to macOS Monterey. But there are important news. Apple seems to backtrack on managing Safari tabs in this new operating system.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball, has released the information that Apple has apparently restored the tabs in Safari to the way they are currently as in macOS Big Sur for those who have not upgraded to Safari 15. The company has left the option to use Compact mode introduced with the new Safari at WWDC in June, but users now also have the option to use the more traditional Safari tab layout.

Although at the event on Monday, Apple did not warn of this change, mostly because it was not the time. However, the updated page for MacOS 12 Monterey that was already advised that it would be released on the 25th, shows that Safari 15 has reverted to actual tabs instead of the current tab management. Compact mode is still an option, which is great, the way this design should have been approached all along.

The truth is that the management of the tabs in the new Safari has been a source of controversy among all users. It is incredible how changing something that apparently does not have much importance, you can turn everything around and seem like the world has ended. It seems that Apple has listened to users and has backed off, staying with what we are all used to. The novelty can be overwhelming at times.

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