It Takes Two makes its debut on Nintendo Switch and we have analyzed it

It Takes Two is the game from EA and Hazelight awarded with more than 90 awards, among which is included the award for the best game of the year according to The Game Awards, and best game of the year according to DICE. It was launching in 2021 for PS4, PC, XBOX ONE, XBOX XS, PS5 and this month. has been optimized for Nintendo Switch by Turn Me Up Games.

It Takes Two is a hilarious game that will let you and another person play the role of Cody and May, two humans who have been turned into dolls and who will have to face challenges and defeat enemies to become human again.

We have had the opportunity to analyze the version of It Takes Two for Nintendo Switch, a 3D and cooperative platform title that we really enjoyed, so here we leave you our conclusions.

What is It Takes Two about?

If you have not played this title before on PS4 or other versions, we will give you a short summary: It Takes Two tells us the charming story of May and Cody, a couple on the verge of divorce, but by a spell they end up trapped in the bodies of a couple of dolls. Waking up in their new bodies they meet the Dr. Hakim, a magical book that has adventures prepared for you very funny and that completing them will help them to overcome their differences and recover the spark of love that exists between them.

The characters will have to explore their own house and surroundings, which will remind us of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, and they will face missions such as jumping between cardboard boxes, ice skating, sliding down rails, infiltrating through pipes, solving puzzles, working as a team to pass various obstacles and facing different villains to pass the level.

How to play?

Players will be able to immerse themselves in the exciting cooperative adventure of It Takes Two with two pairs of Joy-Cons; that means that to play, each person will have to have a left and a right Joy-Con. In addition, we are given the option of being able to play locally or online, which will allow us to play with another person that we have on our Nintendo Switch friends list. And let us not forget, too we can invite a friend to play for free, even if he or she does not have the game, using the Friend Pass. It Takes Two 1

game experience

First of all, say that lThe controls are what stands out in this game. The controls are precise, something essential to be able to overcome all the obstacles and missions that are presented to us in the game. Also, the development and narration of the story are spectacular, things that encourage us to continue playing to know what is going to await us in the next mission. Have you ever thought about going up against an angry vacuum cleaner and toolbox and even battling squirrels or a “giant” wasp?…the list goes on.

another interesting detail in It Takes Two is that apart from the main quests, we will find minigames throughout our adventure. Most of them are very simple and you can just skip them and it won’t affect the main story at all. But if you want to take a 5-minute breather, you might be interested in playing them.

It Takes Two 21

It Takes Two It is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone, because it does not have a demanding level of difficulty; so much so that the “deaths” and falls of your characters are not penalized, but that does not take away from its awesomeness. In addition, as we have told you before, the game has mechanics in which We will have to work as a team. For example, in order to get past certain obstacles, the characters will have tools such as a hammer head and flying nails, and later in the adventure, they will have a sage gun and a gun with matches for Cody and May respectively.

The improvements in the Switch version

The version of It Takes Two for Nintendo Switch has its positive points… and also negative. The positive points are mainly that thanks to this version we can play at any time and anywhere. In addition, the novelty of this installment is that iIncludes new voices in Japanese, French, German, and Spanish, plus subtitles in multiple languages.

It Takes Two 2

And what are the negative points? The first would be that although we can carry the game in “our pocket” thanks to Nintendo Switch, it is also true that it is not entirely comfortable to play on such a small screen and that it will have to be split in half so that both players can visualize the movements of their characters. Also, we will have to have two pairs of Joy-Con which we think would ruin the player experience a bit; a real mistake if at that moment we do not have four controls at hand.

It Takes Two 23

Finally, the last negative point refers to visual sacrifices that had to be done to bring It Takes Two to the Switch. The graphics are inferior compared to the versions of the game on other consoles. It is understandable, because the idea was that the game would run excellently in this version.


It Takes Two is still a great game, not for nothing was it awarded over 90 awards. It is a cooperative game, which makes you have a fun time with a friend or your partner.

It Takes Two is available from November 4 on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, Switch OLED for €39.99.

It Takes Two Technical Sheet

Release date 11/02/2022
Developing Haze light
Production and Distribution Electronic Arts
Adaptation turn me up games
Platform nintendoswitch
Price €39.99
Players two
Idiom Spanish, Japanese, French and German

Final assessment


It Takes Two is still a great game, it was not for nothing that it was awarded more than 90 awards and for this reason, if you haven’t played it, we recommend you give it a try on its Switch version.

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