It will rain, be cold or sun: this is how you see the weather in your city with Kodi

However, among its many virtues we can highlight the innumerable common functions and characteristics that it offers us. And it can even help us to know the meteorology of our area in a simple and visual way. This is something that we can activate and configure natively in the program itself in order to enjoy this function and know the weather in our city.

Something that we must take into consideration is that Kodi presents us with a proprietary user interface somewhat different from the rest. In fact, once we start it, we find ourselves in a completely different environment than the operating system of the computer. Normally the applications that we install in Windows or any other system in one way or another adapt in terms of interface to it. However, when opening this multimedia center sometimes it gives the feeling that we are facing a OS completely independent, even if not.

This allows us to manage and work with all our multimedia content without having to move from the application. At the same time, it offers us other functions of interest such as the one that we are going to show you in these lines. As if it were a widget, we have the possibility of adding meteorological information to the interface of the multimedia center itself. How could it be otherwise the same, we can customize it to see the weather that will be in our specific area, which is what interests us.

Activate weather information on Kodi

Say that this is a function that by default is disabled in the multimedia center, but that we can put into operation in a simple way. To do this, as soon as we start the program as such, we click on the button setting which is shaped like a Cogwheel at the top left. This gives us access to a window full of different sections that allow us to customize the program.

To activate the Meteorological Service, what is it that interests us in this case we have to go to the Services section, where we click. In the left panel of the new window that appears on the screen, we see an entry called Time, which is what interests us in this case.

Set the time in the media center for your area

We already told you before that this is a functionality that by default is deactivated, so we will not have the option to use it or configure it. But this is something that we can change immediately, so in the right pane of the window we click on Meteorological information service.

At first we did not find this function associated with any service, but by clicking on it we will have the opportunity to choose the one that interests us the most. For this we only have to click on the Get more button. Once we have selected a meteorology service here, we will see that it is already activated Settings where we indicate our location.

location time

See if it will rain or good weather on the show

Once we have activated the functionality and configured the location from which we want to obtain the information, we can only view it. We just have to go back to the main Kodi interface and take a look at the options that appear on the left panel. At the bottom we will see that it has seemed a new option that says Time, where we only have to click.

watch time

In this way and in a quite attractive way we will have at our disposal a good amount of information about the weather it will be in the area specified above.

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