it will soon be possible to automatically ignore calls from unknown numbers

WhatsApp will soon integrate an interesting new feature: the ability to automatically hide calls from unknown contacts, without necessarily blocking them. A way to remain calm in the face of unwanted people.

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WhatsApp will soon welcome a new feature: the ability to automatically hide calls from unknown contacts. A different setting from the blocking that already exists in the app.

The idea is silly. If you enable this feature, all calls from contacts that are not saved in your phonebook will be hidden. It will be possible to consult them in his call log, but they will simply be ignored and the caller will have an unanswered call.

WhatsApps protects users from unwanted calls

The purpose of this feature is obviously to protect users, whether against spam or harassment. For example, WhatsApp allows you to see the numbers of people who are not in your contacts via groups, and therefore to leave yours visible to strangers. Hiding calls sounds like a good idea that comes with blocking, another feature that helps avoid inconvenience. It will also be possible not to ignore unknown calls if desired.

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For the moment, it is not known exactly when this functionality will be deployed. WABetaInfo, who spotted it in the source code, says it’s currently in development and that it’s not even ready to be released to beta testers yet. If approved by Meta, we can expect to see it on our phones in several months at the very least.

WhatsApp is very sensitive to the problems of harassment encountered by users. Recently, a new feature that allows you to block a contact in one click has appeared. A good thing, given that the application is the most used in France. A recent study affirms that more than 30 million French people use it regularly. In the hexagon, WhatsApp is installed on seven out of ten smartphones.

Source : WABetaInfo

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