Italy suffers a massive cyberattack that could have affected other European and North American countries

The Italian Government has convened an emergency meeting for this Monday, February 6 after having suffered a macro computer attack that has generated cuts and chaos throughout the country. Although the first balance of damages will not be known until the next few hours, although it is true that there are millions of people affectedboth from Italy and other countries in Europe and North America.

The experts of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) They talk about a ransomware attack that would have had the objective of attacking the VMware ESXi servers, which recently presented apparent vulnerability to similar incidents in the past. However, neither the affected companies nor the exact volume of damage has yet been disclosed. From the security principal it is recommended make updates immediately in case we were facing cases of servers that, despite not having been attacked or tracked, have been exposed to cybercriminals.

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Between the other states where their servers would have been affected, we highlight France, Finland, Canada and the United States. In fact, US cyber security officials have claimed to be assessing the impact of the damage suffered. Within Italy itself, one of the most affected companies was Telecom Italia (TIM)where its clients alerted of incidents throughout the Sunday day.

According to the newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’, the Telecom Italia problem has been latent since last Wednesday, with the number of affected users increasing every day. At first it was a international interconnection problem that affected the national service, but later it has ended up being a bigger problem that has even crossed the borders. However, the TIM problem does not have to be linked to the attack by hackers, according to the national security system.

The meeting that will seek to determine what happened

The objective of the meeting this Monday, which will be attended by the undersecretary Alfred Mantovano on behalf of the prime minister Giorgia Meloni, is to clarify what has happened. Next to him will be present the director of the CAN, Robert Baldoni and other heads of departments in this area. It is a clear example of Italy’s need to reinforce their digital protection systems and eliminate any type of vulnerability that their computer systems present.

Although the official confirmation is still missing, we would be talking about ransomware attacks, driven by hackers, consisting of blocking the system with the intention of requesting money from users in exchange for releasing them again. You have to remember that the Public State Employment Service of Spain (SEPE) was the victim of an attack of these characteristics in 2021.

With this malware, what hackers are looking for is to earn money in a really criminal way, installing certain infectious elements with misleading links. They have access to our computers through email messages, social networks or web pages. ( And it is that ransomware attacks are capable of blocking screens and encrypting important files.

Security agencies recommend that, once an attack of these characteristics is detected, all computers be turned off and work with them stopped to prevent the infection from spreading. Although it normally affects companies and public institutions, it is an attack model that has also occasionally been directed at individuals, demanding money in exchange for very valuable data.

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