Italy: US tourists enter the Roman Coliseum to drink until dawn

Two American tourists, who entered the Rome Coliseum To drink a beer in the icon of the Roman Empire, they were fined 800 euros (18,731.20 Mexican pesos), local police reported on Wednesday.

The two tourists, aged 24 and 25, who climbed the walls of the famous amphitheater during the early hours of Monday morning, were discovered by a watchman while enjoying the sunrise, with a beer in hand, in front of one of the most spectacular views of the city. Eternal City on Italy.

The police decided to fine them 800 euros, according to a spokesman for the entity, without giving further details.

Before the pandemic, some 25,000 tourists visited the monument every day, built almost 2,000 years ago and listed as a World Heritage Site.

Importance of the colosseum for Italy … and the world

Also known as Amphitheater Flavio It dates from the time of the Roman Empire, built in the 1st century, it was the arena where various bloody shows were developed for the entertainment of the public of the time. It is right here where the Latin expression panem et circenses (bread and Circus) whose purpose was to manage the populace at will.

According to historians, the colossus held up to 50 thousand spectators to enjoy the death of more than one of the gladiators that jumped inside to fight for their lives.

It fell into disuse since the 6th century, due to the executions of Christians, and after resisting four earthquakes and the beginning of the Age Half became a quarry of Rome.

With information from AFP | National Geographic


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