iTop PDF Review: A Powerful PDF Editor

PDF files have become a crucial part of our daily lives. There are more than 2 trillion PDF files in the world. And many files, including confidential and non-confidential, are shared across different companies and individuals. In other words, we can say that the whole world relies on PDF files more than offline documents. Moreover, carrying documents offline is slowly becoming an old thing since people are switching to digitalization.

In this article, we will do an iTop PDF review, which will basically change the way you make any kind of changes to your PDF files. Furthermore, it will be helpful for people who are looking for a straightforward tool to edit their PDFs to save time.

About iTop PDF Editor

iTop PDF Editor is a software-based tool that helps people to edit their pdf files in an easier way. It’s specially designed for people who have no idea about how they can edit their PDF files effortlessly. With a unique and straightforward UI, iTop wins the hearts of its users.

With high efficiency in PDF editing and an easy-to-use interface, even professionals use it to save time without having to compromise the quality.

How to Use iTop PDF Editor Tool?

On the homepage of this tool, you can see the 6 different categories – View, Convert, Edit, Comment, Protect, and Pages. Each category has its own purpose which is described briefly below.

View – This will help you view the PDF files without having to edit them. You can check the file before editing with the help of this section. It’ll prevent any incorrect modifications.

Convert – With the help of this category, you can convert your PDF file into an image or any Microsoft Office file format like excel or word. It’s helpful when you need a particular extension of a file.

Edit – Editing the PDF means making changes to the existing text or images. With iTop PDF, you can have such changes precisely.

Comment – Commenting on a PDF represents information about a word or a specific sentence. If you have used MS Word, you would be familiar with commenting on a file. In simple terms, the comment is used to explain separate information. If you click on a word/sentence which has a comment, you can see the additional info alongside the text.

Protect – Protecting a PDF file refers to putting a lock on a PDF just like you put a lock on your mobile or laptop devices. Hence, no one, except you, can open that protected PDF file.

Pages – Sometimes, a PDF file contains more than one page. This category helps you in maintaining the pages like putting them in order and deleting or inserting a page.

iTop PDF Editor Price

iTop PDF is a free-to-use tool. You can download the app from iTop’s official website for free. Moreover, there are no restrictions on editing your important documents. With one click, you can edit, merge, or secure your confidential files.

However, iTop PDF has a premium plan as well. That will cost $11.99 per month. But if you purchase it for a year, then the monthly subscription reduces to $4.17 per month. Plus, you get one month of free access with the yearly plan.

Free vs Premium Plan

In the free plan, you can still edit your PDF files, but you’re allowed to edit only two files per day. And also, the size of the file should not be more than 10MB.

On the other hand, in the premium plan, there are no restrictions on the file’s quantity and size. You can edit unlimited PDF files per day.

Top Features of iTop PDF Editor

  • Edit texts, images, and links.
  • Move, or remove any objects in PDFs.
  • Compress files without losing the quality.
  • Convert your PDFs to images, text, or any office format.
  • Add, delete, or rearrange the PDF pages systematically.
  • Put security on your personal PDF files i.e., protecting PDFs with passwords.

Final Words

People don’t want to spend half of their time editing their PDF files since time is very precious in this era of technology. That’s why tools like iTop PDF were created. With its straightforward interface, you will have no problem editing your PDF files in a shorter span with a hundred percent efficiency.


1. How does iTop PDF convert PDF to Word?

Initially, upload the PDF file to iTop PDF that you want to convert. Afterward, tap on “convert” from the top category section and choose “Word”. Your PDF file will be converted to Word.

2. How to add a password to my PDF file?

Select “Protect” from the top section on the home page of iTop PDF software. Once you have chosen a password, make sure it is strong and easy to remember. Your PDF file is now encrypted with a strong password.

3. Can I download the iTop PDF software for free?

Yes. You can download the iTop PDF from its official website on your Windows PC.

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