It’s February 1, have you seen an RTX 3090 Ti around? will they ‘walk’?

It will undoubtedly be the most famous of this 2022 if the RTX 40 and its prices do not remedy it, but what was done at CES 2022 could remain in the typical joke of “where will they go”? If NVIDIA doesn’t remedy it, and it doesn’t look like it to be honest. Almost a month later and after publicly saying that we would have news of this long-awaited and expensive GPU, as non-existent so far, NVIDIA remains silent. Does anyone know what’s going on with the lag on the RTX 3090 Ti? Well…

Believe us when we tell you that we have thought about not doing this article and letting it pass given the date it is, but when we have pulled sources and have looked for first-rate information on the other hand, what we find is a scenario that incites more jokes and almost ridiculous than anything else, so we have decided to collect information and take it with humor, although really at NVIDIA headquarters it seems that they are not exactly here to laugh at the moment.

Why is there a delay in the RTX 3090 Ti?


It is the most pertinent question without a doubt. As we know at CES 2022, Vice President Jeff Fisher said that we would have direct news about the card at the end of January, but at the moment we do not have a call, or an email or anything official about it. Asking is a rather curious cluster of situations because if there is no official information behind these statements, it is because NVIDIA prefers to remain silent.

The leakers barely know anything and the last thing about them is that there may be very significant changes that at the same time and curiously make us think about the RTX 40. Why? Well, there is speculation about the withdrawal of the 16-pin connector for unknown reasons, but there are certain rumors that coincide on several fronts: hardware and software are not matched, they do not get along, there are problems and no one reveals more data to understand what It happens beyond the fact that they are electrical problems that the BIOS cannot handle or solve.

Has NVIDIA gone with consumption?


Well, it is predictable that maybe a little, but then it will be very questionable if this were so. Do not forget that they are the precursors of the connector of 16 pins that they try to integrate as standard, so removing it in the first model that “goes over” in consumption is not very flattering and less promising.

The RTX 40 will presumably carry this connector, so if the electrical problems with it are true, we are more than worried. Not in vain we already talked almost a year ago about how the connector brought some veteran sources down the “street of bitterness” where certain rails could not withstand the amperage despite the adapter that the brand includes and caused restarts in the RTX 30 of mid and low range.

A consumption like 450 watts can make any 1000 watt source pale, where more than 40 Amps per channel is something really difficult to manage, let’s not even imagine internally on the PCB and the chip. Solution? none at the moment. The RTX 3090 Ti is a chimera today and the silence of NVIDIA does not help anything, because it means that there is secrecy and that things are not going well at all. Perhaps shedding light on the matter and assuming that there are problems would be better, because no one is exempt from faults and that does not make it a worse company, it is possible that it is the other way around, since errors have been detected before going to market and the decision delaying or canceling it before it hits the shelves is certainly the right thing to do.

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