It’s Halloween in Warzone: How to get the Scream skin and much more

It’s Halloween in Warzone, and as expected, the battle royale map has received several novelties to celebrate the most chilling night of the year. And who better than Ghostface to put things tense in Verdansk? That is just what you could find with the latest update released, since the dreaded mask of the Scream saga will appear when you least expect it.

A scare in the form of price

That’s right, the new operator with the Scream skin will not be free, and we will be forced to pay with Call of Duty points in order to get the full pack that gives life to the Scream Operator Bundle. It’s a move we’ve seen with other attractive carrier designs before, so it was to be expected that such an iconic design (created over and over again in hundreds of games in recent years) would come at a price.

It will be the classic 2,400 Call of Duty points that you will need to acquire the Scream Operator Bundle, which is composed of the following elements:

  • Ghostface look: Show off wearing the most famous horror movie mask. Scare anyone who crosses you in Verdansk.

Warzone scream

  • Assault Rifle Project: With the name of Unexpected Turn, this Juliet assault rifle arrives stained with blood and with red and white tracers.
  • Submachine gun project: Kilo submachine gun decorated with blood splatters and red and white tracers.
  • Melee weapon: The ghost blade knife will turn you into the real Ghostface from the movies.
  • Amulet: A cordless phone that serves as a wink for calls made in early movies.
  • Watch: A watch with Ghostface decoration that arrives stained with blood, obviously.
  • Auction operator: This auction is called a violent ending and is a surprise knife attack that will scare more than one.
  • Emblem: The fall of Ghostface with a nice animation.
  • Visiting card: The unmistakable gesture of the stabbing of this feared villain.
  • Double XP reward token.

The Curse Comes

Warzone scream

To celebrate the arrival of Halloween, Warzone has prepared The curse, a series of new events that will bring many challenges to complete and obtain new rewards, as well as new game modes with which to take the occasional extra scare.

Over the next few weeks, new cosmetic packs will also arrive, among which we will also find more operators with which to celebrate the era of terror. One of them will be Donny Darko’s pack, who with a hideous rabbit will give more than one goose bumps when they are crossed through the corridors of the hospital. Was there a need to do this?

Along with the list of new challenges, there are also new game modes, such as “The Ghosts of Verdansk”, which will make all those players who fall defeated on the map immediately turn into zombies that can attack the rest of the players who remain standing. . This is a team mode, so the last team with humans will win the game.

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