It’s here! This is the new Marvel game for iPhone and iPad

Does this new Marvel game cost money?

Yes and no. it’s possible download it for free both on iPhone and iPad, devices on which this title has landed today. However, it includes a series of in-app purchases that, despite being interesting, are not an obligation. That is, you can complete the game without having to pay anything, although with the acquisition of these extras it will be easier for you.

The extras in question offered by the game are these:

  • 60 Crystals: 0.99 euros
  • 245 + 5 Crystals: 3.99 euros
  • Cpt Marvel (reaching level 10): 3.99 euros
  • Dr. Strange (reaching level 10): 3.99 euros.
  • Alpha Future Membership: 3.99 euros
  • 550 + 30 Crystals: 8.99 euros
  • 1,650 + 150 Crystals: 26.99 euros
  • Omega Future Membership: 26.99 euros
  • 2,750 + 450 Crystals: 44.99 euros
  • 5,450 + 1,050 Crystals: 89.99 euros

MARVEL Future Revolution Synopsis

If there is something to highlight about this title, it is that it represents the first open world RPG in the Marvel video game saga for mobile, so this already makes it unique. And in case you were wondering, yes, it is available in Spanish plus 11 other languages. It allows the player to enjoy their own adventure by becoming one of the most popular superheroes of the firm, being able to explore the world in the way they want and facing different missions and combats that will serve to advance the story.

And with regard to the game mechanics, you should know that it is possible to play alone without problem, but the truth is that the game adds quite a lot of integers in its online game mode in which you can join your friends wherever they are. In addition, there are also very interesting customization modes such as being able to put your character the same costumes as in the comics and movies.

It also stands out very positively for offering graphics really powerful that, even on older iPhones and iPads, performs very well. Of course, the base operating system that it allows is iOS 11, so those devices that do not update this version are left out of compatibility.

Here is the trailer for the launch of this game in which you can already see real images of the video game, as well as the link to download it from the iOS and iPadOS App Store.

MARVEL Future Revolution
MARVEL Future Revolution

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