It’s not just the dinosaur: Google has more hidden games, unlock them with these codes

Google is one of the most important companies in the world, its technological legacy goes beyond the Android operating system and its electronic devices, becoming one of the most used web browsers in the world, thanks to Google Chrome.

This indexing tool has made it possible to keep a large part of the information distributed on the internet connected and organized, from the website to all the videos that are consumed on a daily basis. Youtube, which is why it has become an indispensable application.

However, sometimes Google Chrome It tends to fail and not precisely because of the company, sometimes the disconnection occurs due to the absence or intermittence of the internet connection, or simply because the site you are trying to access is not online.

Thinking about it, a couple of years ago the big G launched a miniature game virtual, in black and white, about a dinosaur which must evade a large number of obstacles, avoiding colliding with them at all costs. The further the player progresses, the less time the player has to react in order to obtain the highest possible score.

Other hidden video games

Now we know that in addition to this charismatic videogame Google hides a couple more games, here we tell you what it is about and how to get them. To unlock a bunch of hidden games on Google all you need to do is enter the correct codes in the search engine.

Traditionally, many video games, computer programs and computer tools hide the famous “Easter eggs“Which roughly refer to hidden surprises that have been placed strategically, and on purpose by the developers, yet few know of their existence.

Among the list of hidden video games, Google saves titles such as Atari Breakout, a recognized arcade classic in which colored blocks must be broken with a ball that you control with your space bar. The beloved Pacman game is another of the surprises that the company hides.

The game of “the viborita” Snake had a cult following in the 90s and Google Chrome is a great way to continue playing the addictive game.

How to get them?

What you have to do is access the Google Chrome browser, and in the search bar write the name of the video game you want to play, here are some of the available titles:

  • To write “Pacman “ in the search bar and click “Play”.
  • to write “Tic Tac Toe” in the search bar and click “Play”.
  • to write “Snake” in the search bar and click “Play”.

Google is known to have been updating these mini games according to commemorative dates, so it is good to always be on the lookout because it is possible that it will soon make new releases that very few users will be able to find.


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