It’s not just the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, the previous ones don’t have stock either

Stocks of previous generation consoles are in the doldrums, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy one of these new consoles, especially in the US Stocks of previous generation consoles in stores like Amazon, Walmart or GameStop are practically non-existent, and the only option for players looking for one of these consoles is to resort to the second-hand market … and as you may already suppose, as there is no stock in stores, its price is also beginning to rise.

The stock of consoles does not stop falling


When one analyzes the situation a bit, it makes sense that the previous generation consoles are becoming difficult to find, since although they have not yet reached the end-of-life cycle (and therefore in theory they are still being manufactured ), it is obvious that both Sony and Microsoft are focusing their manufacturing efforts on the new generation.

It all has to do with the finite resources available to manufacturers, and even if there are no common components between previous and current generation consoles, the difficulties faced by the supply chain in acquiring even the most basic raw materials for manufacturing mean that manufacturers have to prioritize resource allocation, and it seems obvious that both Sony and Microsoft will prioritize the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S respectively.

There are not even so if you want PS4 controllers

It seems that stock issues are spreading even to console peripherals: PS4 controllers are also out of stock or about to run out, and while the PS5 DualSense does have a good level of stock at the moment, that controller is not. has compatibility with previous generation consoles, which means that users looking for a replacement for their ps4 controller or who want an additional control will have to resort to the products of third brands and not to Sony’s official ones. As for the Xbox controllers, At the moment they still have a fairly healthy stock and there are no problems in getting one in any store.

Controller PS5 vs PS4

It seems that being able to enjoy the games of the current generation is becoming increasingly difficult, even considering the situation of improvement in high performance graphics cards (and “improve” refers to that there is starting to be some stock, although still with absurd prices) Of course, one can always opt for cloud games, such as Microsoft’s xCloud or PlayStation Now, and in fact it is still curious that there are already people saying from the rooftops that This shortage situation is precisely a deliberate work of the manufacturers so that the gaming services in the cloud finish taking off.

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