It’s not that you’re bad at playing, you may not win because of your mouse

The use of the mouse as an input device for games is due to the use made of it by many genres. However, it is in real time strategy and first person shooter games where mouse latency or lag plays an important role. So much so that they can make us lose a game and that in E-Sports environments is fatal. We tell you what you can do to solve this problem.

If you tell a person that the latency of the mouse they are using affects the frame rate of a game, they will not believe it. The first thing he will do is look at you as if you have a fever or simply do not know what you are talking about. However, at the beginning of each frame the CPU of our computer needs to collect information from all the input devices in a limited time, if there is a delay in this then we will see the result of our action delayed one or several frames. That is, when your character can already shoot or your unit march, they will already be dead in the middle of the game.

How to reduce mouse latency?

For us, the solution is simple, the best gaming mice are those that not only have ergonomics, the number of buttons and their proper position. They are also those that use a USB connection and, therefore, are not wireless. And yes, we know that there are high-quality wireless mice designed for gaming, but they have to overcome a series of important obstacles to give good performance. Those who get it do it by far, but change specifications and a price above the average.

hand mouse latency

The reasons for it? Well, they are the following:

  • A wireless mouse, the further away it is from the repeater, the longer it takes to send the signal. Although it is not a very common problem either, since most users play a few meters from the PC where said mouse latency does not occur. A similar problem occurs with long cable mice, which is usually involved in itself, causing the signal to have a certain level of delay. This problem is negligible, but it is always recommended to have a short wired mouse.
  • The status of the batteries or the battery of a wireless mouse it can affect its performance, especially when the load is low. It does not happen with all models, but with more than we would like.
  • Many mice in order to give additional options over a standard one use macros and additional buttons that are controlled by a driver. Although programming quick commands improves our gaming experience, if our PC is saturated with workthen it will run the controller or driver much worse. Which will create latency in the mouse.

Regarding the last point, it is important to have the mouse drivers up to date, as well as the Windows updates. advice, noor never connect it through an external USB Hubsince this also adds an extra level of latency.

Is it really that important?

If you play casually, no, but if you do it competitively and with a team that can reproduce a large number of frames per second, yes. The reason? The more FPS the less time per frame and any additional lag can be fatal. That is why if you are one of those who play E-Sports at more than 120 FPS, the latency of the mouse will affect you more

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