It’s not your mouse’s problem: change this in Uncharted Legacy of Thieves

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves is already among us, available on PC both on Steam and on the Epic Games Store. And as soon as it started reaching its proud buyers, too some discouragement spread because one of the old problems returned faced by the computer player who prefers to use the mouse and keyboard as a way of venturing into a video game instead of the classic gamepad or the PS5 DualSense.

What is this mouse acceleration?

Indeed, this problem to which we refer is mouse acceleration, an inconvenience that can drive the player crazy and that makes you perceive during the game that you do not have total control over what happens on the screen, since you often have the feeling that the game is not responding to what we ask of it. And of course, when that happens in the middle of a fight with several enemies, the difficulties grow unnecessarily.

Mouse Acceleration is a tool that Windows has (in this case) to allow us to save time when moving the pointer around the screen from the desk. Instead of reproducing on the screen exactly the distance that we cover with the mouse on the mat, it carries out a small calculation to speed up that movement and make us arrive before the desired place. It is, as you may have experienced, an intelligent exercise in efficiency and usability.

Unfortunately, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves It’s not configured to automatically disable that annoying cursor acceleration effect and keep it within the two games, so if we want to forget about it when playing Nathan Drake (or Chloe) we’re going to have to remove it from the operating system itself. How? Well look.

Disable mouse acceleration

Of course, before you carry out the process that we are going to review here below, you must take into account that to leave from Uncharted Legacy of Thieves you still miss that accelerationso you would have to complete again step by step everything that we indicate below to activate it again:

  • open the Setting of Windows.
  • Look for the section Devices.
  • Go to the properties of the Mouse.
  • Now click on Additional mouse options.
  • Within that menu, mouse propertiesChoose pointer options.
  • Now look inside the section of Movement.
  • Uncheck the box for Improve the accuracy of the pointer.
  • click on To accept for all changes to be saved.

Now, when you return to the game you will notice the change and how the mouse travels the same distance on the mat as it does on the screen, which will make it easier for you, above all, to aim movements at enemies that will no longer benefit from that acceleration which led us to not being able to tune each shot correctly. The same thing happened with the camera in scenes of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End when we go with the Jeep, that to place the camera in the best possible point we sweated ink.

Hopefully though, Sony, in a future patch, put this option inside the game settingsso you don’t have to go to Windows settings over and over again every time you go in and out of it.

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