It’s official: AMD raises the price of its RX GPUs next week

It was a matter of time and apparently only a giant like Intel will be able to assume the costs of its next graphics cards, but AMD certainly not: prices will go up from next week and officially. This is possibly the missing nail to split the wood from end to end and will set a precedent that we will see if NVIDIA follows. The question now is, how much does the price of AMD GPUs go up?

In top secrecy and without raising smoke, AMD has informed the so-called board partners of an immediate and irreversible increase in its series graphics cards. RX 6000. The information comes from the Board Channels registered forum (you must register to access), so we give credit to what is stated there given its past and its successes.

A 10% increase in the price of AMD GPUs


Yes friends, as you read it, AMD has decided to increase the price of the entire RX 6000 range by 10%, without even ahead, 10% round for all GPUs that are on the market under the RX nomenclature, which has prompted interesting reflections.

But before entering them, we are going to see how much this affects users, where, as we curiously saw yesterday, average prices are at a + 95% of MSRP set by the company. So, how many euros is the 10% percentage increase going to mean?


Well, if it is in MSRP between 20 and 40 dollars, if it is already in our country and with taxes, probably between 23 and 47 euros approximately and on average.

The problem here is no longer these figures, the problem is that with the rampant speculation that we are experiencing this rise, it could be translated into a greater increase using it as an excuse. The problem is that there seems to be not much time for such a price adjustment, because reportedly the new cost per GPU will go into effect on the next shipment of chips to partners, which would mean a maximum deadline and a delay of two weeks. view.

Price adjustment of existing models


The problem with such a measure is that the GPUs that are in warehouses and shelves are going to have to do the same when the new models arrive, already raised in price, so it is more than likely that stores and retailers will do it now to get ahead. to the rise and get a boost in your income with the unwary who buy now.

You just have to remember the price increase that we saw in yesterday’s article with a drop in AMD that will now be mitigated and will exceed NVIDIA in% over the MSRP price. Having understood this, what are the supposed reasons for this? Two specifically: the aforementioned increase in the price of TSMC wafers (we saw it almost a month ago) and the Christmas season.

But then … Why don’t the prices of the Instinct or Ryzen or EPYC go up if they use the same 300mm wafers? We leave the answer for you to express your opinion in the comments.

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