It’s official now! This will be Multiversus, the video game in the style of Smash Bors. with Warner characters

All the characters of Warner Bros they will finally have their video game in the pure style of Smash Bros, and that is that after several weeks of strong rumors that ensured the arrival of several characters from the company to the video game, the studio has finally officially confirmed the news.

Warner Bros, undoubtedly has much loved characters like Gandalf, Jhonny Bravo, Harry Potter, Mad Max, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat among others, which made the idea of ​​a video game very attractive to people who closely follow each of the company’s franchises. Now, with the coming of fashion of the multiverses, this new project will become a reality.

List of confirmed characters

The company has confirmed the news, officially, through the Twitter account called Multiversus in which it announced the details of this new video game, which will feature games of 1 vs 1 and up to 4 players, Among the most popular characters are: Bugs bunny Shaggy, Harley Quinn, Jake the dog among others.

  • Batman, voiced by Kevin Conroy
  • Superman, voiced by George Newbern
  • Wonder Woman, voiced by Abby Trott
  • Harley Quinn, voiced by Tara Strong
  • Shaggy (Scooby-Doo), voiced by Matthew Lillard
  • Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes), voiced by Eric Bauza
  • Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), voiced by Maisie Williams
  • Jake the Dog (Adventure Time), voiced by John DiMaggio
  • Finn the Human (Adventure Time), voiced by Jeremy Shada
  • Steven Universe, voiced by Daniel DiVenere
  • Garnet (Steven Universe), voiced by Estelle
  • Tom and Jerry, voiced by Eric Bauza
  • Reindog (an original MultiVersus character), voiced by Andrew Frankel
  • This game will work with a format similar to the successful Super Smash Bros. title, it will also be free to play with in-app purchases and will arrive sometime in 2022.

It has also been said that it will be available for all platforms, PC, Xbox and Playstation as well as everything of the latest generation, although for the moment they have limited themselves to sharing more details. We will have to wait for all the news that is coming for this title, new characters and also everything related to Multiversus as well as other possible new game modes available.


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