It’s official: Windows 10 November 2021 Update is ready

Although most of us have our eyes on Windows 11, Microsoft has not yet forgotten about its previous operating system, Windows 10. As the company promised in its day, the launch of the new Windows did not mean that its predecessor stopped receiving updates, but, until 2025 (at least), it would continue to have support from the company. We already knew, for a long time, that a new Windows 10 update, 21H2, was going to arrive at this time. But, now, we can know the official name of her, which will be November 2021 Update, and that Microsoft already has it ready.

This new Windows 10 update is going to be a minor update, one more revision of the last major update, 2004, released in April 2020. As we have already seen on some occasions, the number of new features is very limited, and focuses , above all, in the correction of errors and the improvement of stability of the entire system. Also, add another 18 months of support to the operating system, guaranteeing the updates of this update from November until spring 2023.

You can now try the final version of November 2021 Update

Microsoft ensures that Build 19044.1288 it will be the one used for Windows 10 RTM 21H2. This build is already in the hands of Insider users, who, pointed to the channel «Release Preview»You can now download and install this version.

If we have not yet updated to Windows 11, we can download this build by pointing to the Insider program from the Windows Settings panel, in the updates and security section. We must choose (importantly) the “Release Preview” channel so as not to download another unstable version of the system. And, after restarting the PC, we can find this update in Windows Update.

In addition, Microsoft already offers us this new update in the form of an ISO. On the Windows Insider Preview website we can find the image of this build (along with other versions, both Windows 10 and 11) to download. With this image we can install Windows 10 from scratch, for free, directly in this update.

Of course, if we install this version from the Insider program, it is better to exit the program once installed so as not to continue receiving test updates. If Microsoft ends up releasing another patch to correct bugs, this will come to us on the final release day through Windows Update anyway.

When and how will it arrive

For now, Microsoft has only said that it already has the new update ready within the Insider Release Preview program, but has not given more clues about it. As everything is on track, it is easy for this update to reach all users in the first weeks of November. We’d even bet on the day November 9, 2021as it coincides with “Patch Tuesday.”

The update will be completely free for all users who already have version 2004, or higher, of the operating system installed. And there will be no changes to the minimum requirements to install it. Of course, it is almost certain that Microsoft is betting on a launch model “in waves”, so, unless we are lucky, it is easy that we have to wait a few more weeks before seeing the available update.

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