It’s over for the Xbox One

For Microsoft, it’s time to seriously embark on the next-gen: the last units of the Xbox One S were produced at the end of 2020. From now on, the manufacturer is entirely focused on the Xbox Series S / X!

After a long career of ups and downs, the Xbox One has bowed out. Microsoft has confirmed the definitive cessation of production of the Xbox One S, the last model still in the catalog of this family of home consoles. Since last year, Microsoft has been devoting all of its production capacity to the Xbox Series S/X, which, given the context of the current shortage of components, is not a bad thing.

A difficult start

The Xbox One was launched in November 2013, and it carried a disproportionate ambition: to become the essential device at the center of the connected household. At launch, Microsoft emphasized the console’s multimedia capabilities, rather than talking about video games. A speech that did not appeal to players, many of whom turned to the PlayStation.

Despite this initial misstep, the Xbox One has raised its head, while the range saw two iterations in 2017: the Xbox One S, an improved and less bulky version, and the more powerful high-end Xbox One X. At the launch of the Xbox Series S / X, Microsoft announced the end of production of Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (the model without Blu-ray drive).

There was therefore only the classic Xbox One S left, which remained in the catalog, but not for long since the cessation of production dates back to the end of 2020. It is up to the resellers to sell the stocks. By refocusing frankly on the players, Microsoft seems to have succeeded in its bet, the sales of the Series S / X being visibly in good shape. If it is always complicated to buy a Series X, the Series S is easier to find.

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