It’s over: Windows 11 will force you to always use a Microsoft Account

For all these reasons, the Redmond-based firm is currently working on improving and correcting this recent release. To do this, it is sometimes listening to the requests of many users who have migrated to the new system. It is also correcting the bugs that have been detected in recent weeks or adding features that improve it. This is something that little by little we see thanks to the insider program of the firm where the new functions arrive in the first place.

In fact, as we have reported in recent hours, Microsoft released a new version of Windows 11, the one corresponding to the Build 22557, for Insiders. It brought with it a good number of improvements and functions, including one that may not be liked by everyone. And it is that the firm from now on Windows 11 Pro will ask us to sign in with a Microsoft account mandatory. Therefore, the use of local accounts here will no longer be possible in future installations of the operating system.

From all this we can also extract that in order to install this edition of Windows 11 we need to have a Internet connection required. That is to say, we will no longer be able to install the system with a local account as before. At this point it is worth knowing that this is not a totally new change, as we will see.

We will not be able to use local accounts when installing Windows 11

We tell you all this because this is a requirement that has already been applied to users of the Home edition of Windows 11. We could say that those who have the Pro edition will now also be forced to use a Microsoft account in the installation . In the same way, in the event that you buy a new computer, when we go to configure the signature software that comes pre-installed, we will have to do it by signing in to our Microsoft account. Otherwise we will not be able to start the operating system.

This is something that is also extended in the event that we format the hard drive for a clean installation from scratch. Keep in mind that not everyone has a good Internet connection. Therefore, for those who have an unstable connection or low bandwidth, this movement can become a serious problem. Furthermore, it goes without saying that if we do not have such a connection, from now on we will not be able to install windows 11. To this we can add that sometimes the system cannot install the network card drivers. Therefore and again we will find ourselves before an inconvenient being when it comes to putting the PC into operation.

Possibly this is a measure that Microsoft has imposed by security reasons or to make sure that the Windows license is linked to the account. But with everything and with it, many users may be affected by this decision, which is why criticism has not stopped appearing over the last few hours.

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